Why Music Is Life – Ruark Audio Mk3 R7 Radiogram

To celebrate the launch of Ruark’s latest release the Ruark Audio Mk3 R7 Radiogram, we asked some of our fave people Why Music was Life and what that meant to them. As a singer and performer it’s ingrained in me, since I was a child my love of music has helped me through many a tough situation. Listening to music is good for you!

The Ruark Audio Mk3 R7 Radiogram’s refined sound system is a reflection of Ruark’s founder Alan O’Rourke’s desire to reinvent the revered radiogram of yesteryear, but with new-found style and technology.

Rodd Richards – DJ/Promoter

Music is literally my life its what I do for a living, both as a promoter and a DJ.

For 2018, the all-new version of R7 features honed aesthetics, improved analogue circuitry and latest digital technologies for streaming and multi-room. The R7 is a sound system that will satisfy even the most discerning listener and builds further on the success of the original.

Sandy Rivera  [ Kings of Tomorrow ] – DJ/Producer

I’ve been touring the world for most of my life now, DJ’ing and producing music and without Music I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Ruark’s 30+ years heritage in high-fidelity audio has been used to create R7’s magnificent sound, from the meticulously tuned cabinet and drive units through to the custom electronics and high fidelity amplifiers and drive unit. The Ruark R7 Mk3 redefines the radiogram genre for a new generation.

Paulini – Singer/Actress

Ever since I was a little kid music has always being a part of my life, from singing at home with the family for our gatherings or singing at church. It became my career and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

Available in luxurious Rich Walnut and a new Soft Grey lacquer, the slimmer cabinet and legs add refinement, but undoubtedly it is the British milled grille fabric that adds real elegance to the design. R7 Mk3 no longer looks like a piece of audio equipment, but rather a beautiful object that will enhance the most stylish of rooms.

Arrnott Olssen – Vocalist/Blogger 

Music is amazing in that it can create moods from making you feel happy when sad, or calm when stressed I love performing and seeing the crowd get into the music and enjoy themselves. I sing when I wake up and when I’m heading to bed, Music is not just my life it is Life.

Featuring DAB/DAB+/FM and Internet tuners, the Mk3 R7 can receive radio stations nationally and worldwide. The high-performance CD player reads both standard and MP3 style disks and for music streaming, Mk3 R7 features DLNA Wi-Fi and the latest technology aptX HD Bluetooth for high resolution playback from compatible devices. With Spotify Connect built in, Mk3 R7 also provides access to the online music service and with its new multi-room capability, any source including a turntable can be streamed in-sync to Ruark’s own R2 and forthcoming MRx Bluetooth speakers. For auxiliary devices, there are both digital and analogue inputs including a dedicated turntable input.

With Ruark’s trademark RotoDial controller, using the Mk3 R7 is easy and intuitive. Exclusively for Mk3 R7, the controller is mirrored with a matching ‘radio-link’ remote. This special remote does not need to be aimed during operation and so can control R7 whilst on a table or even from an adjoining room. Also coming soon for Mk3 R7, is a dedicated control and browsing App called ‘LINK’ for iOS and Android devices.

With Ruark’s optional TV mount, R7 can be transformed into a super stylish complete home entertainment system.

The Ruark Audio Mk3 R7 Radiogram available now for RRP $4,499 from Synergy Audio Visual, Melbourne HiFi (VIC), Klapp (VIC), Lifestyle Store (NSW), Denis White Audio Video (SA), Living Sound & Vision (QLD).


Music can change a mood or a moment. It can inspire so many aspects of your life and as a passionate lover of music, I encourage you to spend more time filling your life with music. Helping to surround yourself with the right tools, Ruark Audio’s 30+ years of audio expertise can help you to reproduce your favourite music and fill your soul. Take some time to fill your Life with music, let it be the soundtrack to your life and remember to share your love of music with the one’s you love.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme