What Music Means to Me

In 2005, after my second stint on music reality TV show Popstars, I lost my faith in the music industry, my passion and drive. It took performing at a charity event to realise that I sang because it is who I am: music is in my heart, soul and on my lips from when I first rise to when I head to bed. I had to cast my mind back to why music was so important to me and not focus on the fame and glory. When that happened, my passion came back.

I found a love for House Music and got the opportunity to be one of the first live vocalists to perform with DJs in Sydney and Australia.

It’s now 10 years on and I have worked with Rodd Richard, one of Australia’s best House/Dance Music Promoters, opening for the likes of Basement Jaxx, CHICANE, Boy George & Roger Sanchez, just to name a few.

Having grown up in a one room apartment with a single mum, I’ve really come to realise the power of music and how it can take a poor little half Fijian kid (with big dreams!), to become a working vocalist performing to thousands.

So when American Express invited me as Editor of www.RogueHomme.com to attend the launch of their Music Backers program, I jumped at the opportunity. American Express is putting their money where their mouth is to support the Australian live music industry, with up-and-coming musos, music venues, music businesses and even fans having the opportunity to share in a grant program valued at $1 million.

The launch of their new brand platform in Australia, ‘Powerful Backing: Don’t Live Life/ Don’t Do Business Without It’, was an up-close-and-personal show with one of rock’s most successful bands, The Killers, hosted at Selina’s in Coogee. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see them playing some of their greatest hits an arms length away from me whilst enjoying all of the other experiences the venue had to offer (pop-up food stalls, interactive installations and neon blue lights galore).

I will forever be an advocate of music and its power to change and inspire.

Music has literally made that little kid back in Fiji’s dream come true, what a powerful moment on my life journey and made possible thanks to Music and the backing of American Express.

Don’t Live Life Without It.


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme