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As every guy knows there are a plethora of hair products available for women, but for us gentleman companies have being slow on the uptake. This often means we’re relegated to using the wrong products or using a partners, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel with the launch here in Australia of SP WELLA Men’s…

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With today’s alpha male showing more concern for his hair needs, gone are the days of a one- size-fits-all approach to men’s grooming. The contemporary Mr Perfection is an individual who expects bespoke products to fit with his style, masculinity, attitude and lifestyle. And when it comes to his hair, he has fewer inhibitions, with greater attention to detail and a better understanding of what he needs and wants from his grooming routine.


SP MEN targets the top men’s hair issues – oily scalp, hair loss, dandruff, greying hair and sensitivity.

  • Refresh – an everyday shampoo created to revive normal hair and target oily scalp issues
  • Protect – shampoo to strengthen hair and a tonic to help reduce hair fall due to breakage
  • Remove – a shampoo and a tonic for complete anti-dandruff care
  • Sensitive – a shampoo to gently cleanse and soothe sensitive scalps
  • Silver – already a favourite in Australia, Silver Shampoo provides anti-yellowing careSP MEN Shading SP Men’s unique Gradual Tone products provide salon-quality colour results in salon or at home. The easy-to-use mousses allow a personalised level of grey coverage, allowing men to choose just how much grey they want to cover, returning hair back to its original black or brown shade step by step.
  • Gradual Tone Brown – Shades and cares
  • Gradual Tone Black – Shades and cares

    SP MEN Styling

    SP Men’s styling collection contains a range of essential styling products to create the perfect finished look.

    • Everyday Hold – strong hold gel
    • Defined Structure – styling cream
    • Textured Style – matte pasteSP MEN Decoding

      Personalisation has always been at the heart of the System Professional brand, and SP MEN is no exception. Its new male Decoding Service is a personalised service where the hairdresser is able to diagnose and treat individual hair and scalp needs.

      Mixing SP MEN Protect Tonic and Hydrate or Volumize SP Infusions at specified levels provides a personalised formulation, which gives a dual benefit (for example, reducing hair fall due to breakage while volumising or hydrating the hair)

      Catering to the growing number of men demanding for a more personalised hair experience, SP Men is the perfect solution for the modern gentleman. The new SP MEN product range and Decoding Service provides men with the tools to decode hair and scalp perfection.SP_Men_Group.01a

      SP MEN is available in System Professional salons nationwide. For stockist enquiries please contact: 1300 889 886 or visit www.wellaprofessionals.com.au

      *P&G Global Study on male salons (2011)

      All SP MEN products are available from June 2014:


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme