Washoku Lovers at Seafood School

Recently the amazing crew from Washoku Lovers put on an event to be remembered, with a cooking class at The Seafood School and a lavish meal afterwards it was an eye opener to Japanese cooking.

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Special guest chef : Raita Noda  (http://www.washokulovers.com/chef/raita-noda/)
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Main Dish: **Osawa Wagyu Sukiyaki in 2 ways both traditional and Raita’s original.
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The Programme
1, Cooking demonstration by Raita Noda
2, Hands-on Cooking by Raita Noda
3, Enjoy Washoku Together
**Essential ingredient of Sukiyaki is thinly sliced beef
Most of people know Wagyu is good quality beef these days. However I believe anyone could not find thinly sliced wagyu anywhere in Sydney except Osawa Wagyu home delivery.
We wanted to tell people when they cook Sukiyaki or Syabusyabu (another Japanese traditional dish in one pot style) at home, they must have thinly sliced beef as essential ingredients. Osawa Wagyu can provide thinly sliced Wagyu beef with the service for home delivery. We can order from the website.
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Washoku Lovers Kitchen runs by Washoku Lovers (http://www.washokulovers.com)
Washoku translate into Japanese Food Culture.
Washoku Lovers is the community to spread the word about Washoku
Membership is free & members can enjoy the Washoku journey, at the selected authentic Japanese restaurants only we called Washoku Lovers Restaurants. (People get the complimentary benefits from each restaurants when they showed Washoku Lovers Memerbership card.)
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Their aim is to start people on their Washoku journey at Washoku Lovers Partnered Restaurants and hopefully inspire them to cook it at home. They were hoping the cooking event would inspire them to cook home more regularly using authentic ingredients such as Osawa Wagyu and Kikkoman soy sauce in their daily meals.
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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme