US On Demand Food Platform DoorDash Launches in Melbourne

Get excited peeps DoorDash, America’s largest on-demand food platform, has officially launchds in Melbourne, marking the first international market expansion for the US franchise favorited beyond North America.

Available across inner-city locations initially, DoorDash’s major drawcard is the expansion model set to rollout across Melbourne’s underserviced outer suburbs later this month – offering suburban residents the same CBD luxury for on-demand for food delivery service selection – an Australian-first.

Melburnians can now order from well-known restaurants such as Nando’s, Betty’s Burgers and Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, as well as local independent restaurants including Misschu, Bay City Burrito and exclusive partners Cedar Bakery and Il Gusto and many more and means the outer suburbs now have access to a greater selection of restaurants.

For drivers DoorDash offers an Australian first on demand transparency model, providing upfront earnings per delivery, which allows the driver to accept or reject jobs at their own discretion. For those customers wanting to skip ques DoorDash allows you to order in advance and using the PickUP feature turn up skip the queue and grab your food.

  • DoorDash offers a “30 or $30” promotion for new customers: meals not delivered within 30 minutes provide customers with a voucher for $30 off their next order.
  • DoorDash will be offer $0 delivery fees on orders greater than $10 for the first 30 days to celebrate launching in Australia.

“We are excited Australia is our first international expansion outside of North America. We dove deep into the Australian market and quickly realised two things; restaurants want more from their delivery partners, and not all Melburnians have access to the selection that they should expect. We’ve built a lot of product and expertise to solve these problems in North America. Combining that experience with a tailored approach just for Melbourne, we’re excited to grow the market here. We’ve built a service for Australian eating habits with a simple focus: provide more access to Melburnian’s favourite foods,”

Thomas Stephens, General Manager, DoorDash.

Words by Arrnott Olssen