Tim Cahill Kicking Fashion Goals with SHOREDITCH

Shoreditch London Menswear has released their Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign with Australian soccer star Tim Cahill fronting the new collection. Titled ‘Theatre of Dreams’, the collection features a range of slim fitted suits, which will be intended for Australia’s leading department stores and the international markets.

The shoot was inspired by Cahill’s journey toward his third and final Soccer World Cup, which will be held in June at Brazil. Excited for the Socceroo’s World Cup campaign, Cahill likened the “Theatre of Dreams” photo shoot to being on the world stage, “The atmosphere at the World Cup is electric. When you walk out onto the field for the first time you definitely feel like you’re dreaming. I’m lucky to be representing Australia for a third time in consecutive World Cup’s – I feel we have a real opportunity to excel in Brazil for me to score another goal would be a dream come true.”

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Since living in New York for the past 16 months, Cahill has had a renewed interest in developing his own fashion line. The partnership with Shoreditch will see Cahill design his own collection – “Shoreditch by
Tim Cahill” – which will be a lifestyle-orientated range. Cahill spoke of the range, “Living in London for the past 17 years and now in New York, you have an appreciation for fine clothing. My aim is to create a range which is affordable to the Australian male consumer whilst also delivering superior fits and fabrications.”

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Cahill went on to mention his involvement in the collection, “I sit with the Shoreditch design team and work out designs, fabrics, and cuts based on my eye for current trends and more classic menswear pieces. I want to design what I believe the male consumer is willing to buy and pay for”. The debut collection of “Shoreditch by Tim Cahill” is currently under production, and will cater for all the menswear fashion categories.

Continuing Shoreditch Menswear’s tradition of incorporating unique design features and luxurious fabrics alongside slim-cut tailoring, the Autumn/Winter 2014 collections carries the Cahill seal of approval.

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