Thongs Australia Slips Into Our Must Have’s for Summer

Everyone owns a pair of their favourite thongs and it’s used through all the seasons, it is a footwear choice that has been part of Australian culture for more than 50-years. A bit like the Hills Hoist, the Esky, or Vegemite. It’s hard to imagine an Australia, let along an Australia Day, without them.

They embody Summer, relaxation and a sense of freedom you can only get by slipping them on just before you leave the house. But they’re even more than that. Thongs evoke memories of the good times – they remind us of our mates, of music festivals, bbqs, days off work, days at work, travel, long car trips, short car trips, Sunday sessions, your first surf, every surf, bike rides, epic walks, date night, your first date, your first kiss, your first house, moving home and that feeling you get on a hot day when you reach into an esky.

And just like we move through time, Australia has grown up too.

This product was born out of the belief that modern Australian man and woman now expects (and deserves) a consideration of fashion, style, elegance and comfort to be attached to the brutal simplicity of this iconic footwear. They also expect something Australian and something made with thought and quality.

Thongs Australia have been carefully designed and manufactured in Melbourne using techniques normally adopted to manufacture mining equipment as well as medical grade equipment. This unique blend of techniques has ensured durability is matched equally with a refined and precise finish.

A perfect example of this is the distinct pattern which covers the sole. It is subtle, but takes inspiration from Melbourne’s unique and modern architecture. It is also symbolic of the Thongs Australia approach, to do things different to the rest.

This Australia Day, be the first to get your hands on two very distinct products.
The Classic Black is our lightest product at 200 grams. They pay homage to the iconic black style – a timeless, versatile colour that compliments anything.

The Dual Black is reinforced for extra strength and durability for those of us who push their footwear relationship a little bit further than others. At 240 grams, the dual-layer technology has a 100% natural rubber sole for extra strength and a reinforced step. Perfect for those who live day and night in their Thongs.

Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, walk in comfort and confidence. The iconic Australian thong is home and we’re excited about the journey. Come walk with us.

Join the club, it’s time for change, it’s time for Australian made.

Thongs Classic Black RRP $39.95 Thongs Dual Black RRP $44.95

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme