The Superb Sugarloaf Cafe

Tucked in the back of Rose Bay opposite the golf course on O’Sullivan Road is the unassuming bustling Cafe Sugarloaf Espresso, now diner/restaurant by night with a menu full of delicious dishes that we popped in to try a few weeks ago …


We were greeted by owner Kim who made us feel right at home straight away as she led us to our table, the space felt cosy and homely and as were pored over the menu the sounds of Stevie Wonders “Happy Birthday” rang out over the speakers as Kim and the chefs came out of the kitchen with a birthday cake for a nearby table.

We could tell their were regulars by the way they laughed and joked, which for me is always a good sign if people are coming back they must be doing something right. Kim suggested we pop around to the nearby bottle shop where we could pick up a selection of wines, cider or beers to have with dinner, she even had suggestions they had worked out with the bottle shop that would accompany the menu superbly now how’s that for service.


For entrees we picked the Grilled Haloumi with Almonds & Honey, Grilled Spicy Chorizo & the Green Tiger Prawns with Danish Feta, Kalamata Olives cooked in a rich Napolitana sauce & flambeed in Ouzo.

Spicy, rich and packed with flavour what a perfect way to start our dinner!


Mains took a little longer to order only because as our neighbouring tables mains came out we got food envy and kept changing our minds, eventually we settled on The Surf & Turf a huge board with lashings of mash Potato, Steak, Chilli Crab Linguini stuffed full of Crab Meat in a light Napoletana Sauce, the Tuna Nicoise Salad with a beautifully grilled Tuna Steak gracing the top of the salad & a little side of crispy fluffy Chips.

The food was delicious and the servings humongous, I understand now why they have so many regulars our mains were absolutely delicious and there was a lot of it.





We were  stuffed and there was no way we were going to fit anything else in, but Kim who had overheard that my friend and fellow diner was celebrating his birthday the next day insisted on us trying their signature dessert Baklava Ice Cream, layers of delicious crispy baklava and creamy creamy ice cream. 

Now if there’s one thing I recommend you visit Sugarloaf Cafe for its for this dessert, it is the most amazing concoction of a dessert, and I have never seen it anywhere else!

As I always say don’t just take my word for it go and try it for yourself…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme