The Sound of Style & Technology Zik3

I’ve been a huge fan of Parrot’s Zik Headphones for a very long time and when i was invited to the launch of the Zik3 i was excited, with some amazing new technological features added to the Zik3 as well as more colours and textures to chose from they’ve definitely outdone themselves this time.



In a class of its own, Zik 3 reinvents itself with new colours, improved design, wireless charging, high fidelity sound quality with a USB, and smart noise cancelling.

Simply beautiful

Fashionable, the Zik 3 headphones reflect a couture spirit in a shiny crocodile texture, leather-grain finish or overstitched details in trendy colours:

  • Crocodile texture, with a touch of lavishness available in black, brown, emerald green or red.
  • Overstitched details, for an assertive style in black or ivory.
  • Leather-grain finish, a classic, available in black and brown.
    The design of the headphones has been modified to incorporate an enlarged headband for even more comfort.Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-4Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-9

Completely wireless and super-intuitive

  • Wireless charging
    Parrot Zik 3 is compatible with wireless Qi chargers. Charging time is 2 hours for 18 hours autonomy.
  • Bluetooth & NFC connections
    Parrot Zik 3 is compatible with all mobile phones available on the market and accepts a variety of music sources (audio via Bluetooth and through a three-point mini jack cable for connection to all audio and video systems, like those available in planes). Parrot Zik 3 also embeds NFC technology for easy pairing.   Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-12Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-17Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-18Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-19
  • A capacitive command panel
    Located on the entire surface of the right earpiece, a touch panel allows easy access to the Parrot Zik 3’s basic functions in a very intuitive manner. A vertical movement of the finger adjusts the volume, a horizontal swipe changes tracks and a tap pauses the music.
  • Head detection
    The Parrot Zik 3 detects when you remove the headphones and automatically pauses the music. Putting them back on your head prompts the music to resume playing.



Highly technical for quality audio without compromise

    • Automatic, adaptive, active noise control
      The Parrot Zik 3 benefits from powerful adaptive noise control. The headphones’ microphones capture surrounding noise and an algorithm combines these signals to generate opposing acoustic waves, creating noise reduction up to 30 decibels.
      The ANC can be managed manually with the dedicated app or left to automatically adapt to surrounding noise.
    • Street Mode
      A patented algorithm compensates for the isolation from the earpiece by re-injecting part of the surrounding noise. This algorithm also removes the occlusion effect, commonly experienced with closed headphones. During a phone conversation for example, this mode enables a natural perception of your own voice, offering optimised listening comfort and eliminating sensations of isolation.
    • USB audio compatible
      The Parrot Zik 3 allows you to listen to your music in lossless Hi-Fi quality with a virtual 5.1 surround sound and charge your headphones at the same time.    Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-78

• HD telephone
Whether you are on a noisy street, in a windy place or on public transportation, phone conversations are crystal clear thanks to powerful algorithms isolating your voice from surrounding noises.
Compatible with ‘Voice HD’ technology, the Parrot Zik 3 offers a natural voice quality during calls, as if the person on the other line was seated next to you.


A dedicated application compatible with ‘modern’ devices

The dedicated ‘Parrot Zik’ app for smartphones and tablets is now compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear!
It enables you to ‘tune’ your headphones to your musical tastes and to listen to music tuned by artists.

  • Parrot Concert Hall: Recreates the acoustics of a living room, a concert hall or a jazz club.
  • Equalizer: Enables to adjust the sound of Parrot Zik 3 in a fast and intuitive way.
  • Producer Mode: Tune your headphones like the professionals do in studio thanks to a high-performance five-band, full-parametric equaliser combined with a proprietary spatialisation effect.
  • Tuned By: Access audio presets created by artists and listen to their music the way they want it to sound on the Parrot Zik. You can also download presets created and shared by other Parrot Zik users.Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-157


  • Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-66

  • Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-77Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-155Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-125

  • Parrot_Zik3_4.3.16-163***

    The Parrot Zik 3 works with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The headphones come with:
    1 Li-Ion battery (830mAh) 1 USB/micro USB cable 1 three-point mini jack 3 cable 1 protective pouch
    1 quick-start guide

Availability date: Pre Sales from 04/03/2016 in store from late March

RRP AU$599.99 / NZ$629.00

Discover the video Parrot Zik 3 video

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme