The Morrison Oyster Festival 2015

If you’re an Oyster fiend then you might want to pop down to The Morrison between now and the 31st of August, the yearly celebration of all things Oysters over the past couple of weeks have been incredible.

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room has a host of offers lined up to re-ignite your love affair with the humble oyster and remind you why these little pearlers are oh-so good.


From the legendary daily $1 oyster hour, a whisky and oyster tasting extravaganza, and some great oyster nosh, there’s no better excuse to get out of your shell and join the festivities.


The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room makes oysters a focus all year round, showcasing seasonal varieties in their shucked-to-order oyster menu. But nothing beats a whole month of oyster madness, and The Morrison Oyster Festival is designed to take the oyster offering into overdrive, giving oyster novices through to the oyster aficionado an opportunity to celebrate these delectable little treats.


So do yourself a favour and get down to the Morrison between now and the 31st of August for an Oyster good time, yeah I know bad joke hahah but you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this awesome Festival…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme