The GILTIG Collection Launches at IKEA

This April IKEA is launching GILTIG – an eye-catching collection that is the result of a unique collaboration with London-based menswear designer Katie Eary, in my opinion one of their most significant design updates to date edgy and full of fun.

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GILTIG includes tableware and home textiles created to turn up the volume at home. Integrating Katie’s ‘in your face’ patterns with home furnishings has created a range of standalone items that can change a whole room through their touches of vibrancy and over the top design.


“A decade or so ago, you could get an idea about who a person was from their cd’s or books. Now it seems that, as far as the home goes, furniture and personal bits and pieces are the last things left that show your identity,” said Katie Eary.


“A good home is not about having lots of flashy things, it’s about having things that complement your personality. That way, when you walk into a home, it’s like you’re walking into that person’s brain,” continued Katie.

As a menswear designer Katie Eary always pushes the boundaries – exploring new ways of looking at men’s wear using unique patterns and colour mixes – all made possible through digital printing. The GILTIG collection is no different, taking Katie’s experience with prints and transferring them onto plates, cups, bowls, lamp shades, cushion covers, tea towels, aprons, t-shirts and tote bags.



With the launch of GILTIG, IKEA enters an all new territory. The unique and innovative new range marks the first of a range of collaborations between IKEA and fashion designers. IKEA has an ongoing dedication to create collections that respond directly to current trends and fuse various influences to give customers cutting-edge design at affordable prices.



“Katie has so much experience working with prints and her cutting edge style brings another level of vibrancy and excitement to the range at IKEA. We can take so much inspiration from Katie and how she uses colour, prints and patterns to create clothes, and now homewares, that capture your attention and bring a pop of personality to your home,” says Tiffany Buckins IKEA Country Interior Design Manager.



IKEA has always been focused on functional, quality products that celebrate practical design at affordable prices for the many. “GILTIG is the first of a range of collaborations we will launch with fashion designers.

At IKEA we are excited to be bringing products created by top end designers, like Katie Eary, into the homes of the many people,” explains Tim Prevade, Range Manager for IKEA Australia.




To check out the range for yourself head into your closest Ikea Store…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme