The Cool folks at BLACKLIST X AQUA BUMPS have collaborated on an Amazing limited edition print, what else would you expect from iconic Bondi photographer EugeneTan and the Blacklist.

The collab sees a beautiful Aqua Bumps aerial image of Bondi Beach in the summer and Blacklist silver foil printed typography, printed onto 300gsm mohawk uncoated paper stock. 
The hand numbered limited edition print of 300 units only will be released online the end of June on both Blacklist and Aqua Bumps sites.
Here’s what Nathan Johnson at the Blacklist had to say on how the collaboration between both brands came to life – 
“I have been a big fan of Aqua Bumps and followed Eug’s photos for years, so this was a bit of a dream in the pipeline, and something that I always wanted to do.
My brother Matt actually shot Eugene and Deb’s wedding a few years back, so he introduced us and I thought I’d pitch him the idea which they both loved. I really wanted to expand Blacklist to work with some great photographers and expanding into different areas of creativity, so Aqua Bumps being such an icon, it was an easy choice.
We both work across different audiences in a way, so we were excited to push that boundary. I knew that one of his photos and my type would work so well together and it would be quite a natural collaboration of ideas. It all happened so well and was such an easy process. Hopefully the first of many with Aqua Bumps”
• Unframed – $179.95
• Framed in natural – $299.95
• Size: 45 x 64cm

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme