The Best YOU is a Safe YOU

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I got my first car, I’m not that much of a car person so all I cared about was that it could get me to my performances and I could play music in it. I thought I was the coolest person around and would rock a bit of Whitney Huston as loud as I could, looking back now Lord I was so not cool haha…

Fast forward 12 years and I now live in the city walk to places, hop in cabs or even use public transport. City living is all about ease of movement, I may not have to worry about looking after my car now but the one thing that remains the same is the lesson I learnt from my Mum “Better safe then sorry”. I remember debating with her about spending my money on car insurance, and her explaining to me “it’s not you I’m worried about causing an accident it’s someone else hitting into you”. Case closed and as always Mum’s wisdom won out, we didn’t have a lot of money so if something had happened to my car I don’t know how I would have afforded another car, but having insurance meant that I would have a safety net.



So I may not own a car anymore, but there are other things that need protecting, my photography equipment, music equipment and pieces of amazing art and home wares that I’ve collected over the years and are irreplaceable. So I want I make sure that I have a safety net to protect me if something might happen to it, and that means insuring my home and contents.

Insuring yourself isn’t about fear its about awareness and it’s about protection. In much the same way as you would use a seat belt when driving, you wear a helmet when cycling or slip slop slap sunscreen when out in the sun, you would insure your personal belongings and your car or if you were one of those so-called cool bike riders haha you’d insure your bike. One of my biggest lessons being a singer and running a successful Lifestyle Blog is “Preparation Is Key”.  I have my mic and iPad in my bag ready before I head to a gig to ensure I don’t forget it, I have my stories prepped a week ahead of time to ensure things run smoothly for Rogue Homme and the readers get the very best service possible.

Sydney in summer_credit Hamilton Lund_Destination NSW

If there’s one thing I would hope you take away from this post, is to look after you, because without looking after you how can you look after anyone else. As you would exercise and eat right to keep yourself healthy, so I’d say take a moment to look after everything you’ve worked hard for cause the best you is a Safe YOU!

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by Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme