Sumatran Tigers Return to Taronga Zoo

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Taronga Zoo’s Tiger Trek, this is the first time the critically endangered Sumatran Tigers have lived at Taronga Zoo since 2015 and with up to 400 remaining in the wild, there’s never been a better time to visit Taronga to learn about endangered wildlife.

The Tiger Trek, which is the first exhibit of its kind, takes families on a journey to Sumatra, home to one of the last remaining rainforests in the world. The Tiger Trek begins in an aeroplane and transports families to a recreated village in the Way Kambas National Park. Beyond the village, parents and children have the opportunity to explore a corner of the National Park to see Taronga’s four Sumatran Tigers. The journey then ends much closer to home in a suburban supermarket, where families can gain a better understanding of how responsible shopping choices can help to protect Sumatran Tigers in the wild.

Taronga Zoo Director and CEO Mr Cameron Kerr said that the Tiger Trek is a world-class experience in wildlife conservation unlike anything experienced in Australia before.

“This is an exciting and rare opportunity for Australian families to meet these critically endangered Sumatran Tigers which represent everything powerful about nature. However, what’s really special about our Tiger Trek is that Australian parents and children can learn the story of these majestic animals like never before,” Mr Kerr said.

“It may seem surprising that an animal so powerful can be so vulnerable, yet decades of poaching and habitat destruction have had a devastating impact on the rainforests of Sumatra,” said Mr Kerr.

“Australian families that experience the wonder of our Tiger Trek will gain a better appreciation for why Sumatran Tigers are critically endangered, and how they can take action to help protect these majestic animals,” he said.

Taronga’s Sumatran Tigers join other amazing, yet endangered animals, including Jai Dee the baby Asian Elephant, Kamina the Pygmy Hippo calf, Intan the Oriental Small-clawed Otter pup, and Maiya the Red Panda cub. Together, these adorable ambassadors for wildlife make a wonderful day out for the whole family, while learning about wildlife conservation.

The Tiger Trek is open daily during Taronga Zoo’s winter opening hours 9:30am – 4:30pm. To book tickets, go to, or buy an annual Zoo Friends pass and visit an unlimited number of times.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme