Step Up your Cooking with Whirlpool’s Sixth Sense

Here at Rogue Homme we’re all about encouraging our readers to cook at home and be Healthy, so whenever we come across anything that will make your cooking life easier like Whirlpool’s Sixth Sense we make sure we share it with you.

Made in Europe, the range comprises innovative and intuitive cooking appliances including: Induction Cooktop (ACM795BA), Pyrolitic Oven (AKZM6600HIX) and Fixed T-Box Rangehood (AKR799IX), the Whirlpool 6th SENSE® Kitchen exudes modern style an appealing European design aesthetic. Having achieved the perfect balance between intuition, superior performance and cutting edge design, Whirlpool has become number 1 in the world.

Whirlpool patented 6th SENSE® technology is designed to sense and adapt to different circumstances, making tasks as easy as possible, optimising resources and delivering the best results. With intuitive 6th SENSE® technology across all its kitchen and laundry appliances, Whirlpool has taken the guesswork out making the consumer’s experience easier, more cost effective and completely automated.

Launching in partnership with Australian brand ambassador Scott Gooding, the unveiling of the Whirlpool 6th SENSE Kitchen – the heart of the home – Gooding will demonstrate how cooking healthy food with the family is quick, easy and fun – giving families the gift of time!

“As the number one global appliance manufacturer and an iconic name within Australian homes, Whirlpool Corporation is backed by European design and an innovative approach to enhance the everyday lives of families,” says Liam Bryers, General Manager Marketing, Whirlpool Oceania.

“We’re excited to launch the 6th SENSE Kitchen and demonstrate how families can make quick healthy meals at home, yet still spend quality time with one another,” he added.

“Our goal is to show people how simple it is to cook healthy, wholesome meals in their own kitchen,” says Scott Gooding, Whirlpool Corporation Australian Brand Ambassador.

“It doesn’t need to be complicated, difficult or expensive. Together with Whirlpool, I want to demonstrate that that leading a healthy lifestyle through food is possible with the right education and the right equipment. The 6th SENSE Kitchen offers exactly this, simplifying the everyday and allowing families to come together through the love of good, wholesome food,” he added.

Whirlpool Corporation 6th SENSE Kitchen appliance range includes:

Whirlpool ACM795BA Induction Cooktop

A fast, clever appliance that uses less energy to deliver excellent cooking results, the Whirlpool ACM795BA Induction Cooktop is the ultimate, intuitive appliance for busy households. The 90cm 5-zone cooktop boasts an easy-to-clean, sleek glass-ceramic surface and powerful, high frequency electromagnets, which generate a magnetic field to heat the pan and not the cooktop surface. Ideal for households with children, Whirlpool’s Induction Cooktop is safe and cleaning is a simple wipe with a damp cloth; no baked on food to scrub.

More efficient than ceramic and gas cooktops, the Whirlpool Induction Cooktop features touch controls which help to be more precise when setting heat levels and a Boost function that immediately increases the heat level, perfect for quickly boiling a pot water. Responding instantly to a change in heat settings and combined with 6th SENSE technology, the Whirlpool Induction Cooktop offers more cooking control. Featuring a built-in alarm to alert when the boiling point is reach, this technology provides acoustic feedback to the appliance and adjusts the power levels automatically – no spills or overflows.

Made for pots of all shapes and sizes, Whirlpool has engineered its Induction Cooktop with a special ‘FlexiCook’ cooking zone, whereby even cooking results are delivered. Offering four functionalities, FlexiCook has the ability to merge into one single power across both zones; detect when half the zone is being unused, automatically switch off and revert all the power into the single used zone; move power from one zone to the other if the pot is moved; and, set to two different power levels when different pots are placed down, offering efficiency and energy savings.

Whirlpool AKZM6600HIX Pyrolytic Oven

An appliance that you can collaborate with in the kitchen, the Whirlpool AKZM6600HIX Pyrolytic Oven is a stylish, stainless steel wall oven, designed to fit with modern Australian kitchens. Featuring special hinges that provide a soft, smooth closing door motion, the 73 litre fan forced air cooking system offers advanced features that simplify the cooking experience. With 15 cooking functions and a self-cleaning mode which, combined with Pyrolytic technology, turns food spills and splatters into ash, Whirlpool has engineered the most intuitive electric oven on the market.

Ready2Cook, a clever, no pre-heat feature enables food to be placed into a cold oven, where the temperature gradually increases to cook evenly, without burning. While using one of the 30 pre-programmed recipes, which are set on Ready2Cook by default, the innovative 6th SENSE technology will sense, control and adapt the cooking time accordingly then alert you when ready to take out of the oven all the while displaying permanent feedback on the white-on-black LCD screen.

For busy households that need to cook entree, main and dessert simultaneously, the Cook3 function makes this possible, without the brownie tasting like salmon! The powerful heating elements at the back, top and bottom of the oven combine with an innovative chimney, and allow vaporised water to find its way out of the oven. In turn, this is replaced by fresh air, which minimises the mixing of aromas and flavours.

Whirlpool AKR799IX T-Box Rangehood

Essential for any kitchen space, the Whirlpool AKR799IX T-Box Rangehood is a stylish and discreet addition to the busy household’s kitchen. Adapting to your needs, the Whirlpool T-Box Rangehood has been engineered to remove excess smoke, steam, grease and fumes during the cooking process.

Offering simplicity and a helping hand in the kitchen, the Whirlpool T-Box Rangehood features a 4-speed motor and innovative 6th SENSE technology that automatically adjusts the fan speed wheather your frying or Simmering, it can also detects vapours and bad odours in the kitchen, self-activate and continuously regulate the air quality. Engineered to fit with Whirlpool’s range of innovative cooktops, the 90cm Stainless steel T-Box Rangehood is easy to clean with dishwasher safe grease filters and features a soft touch, discreet control sensor hood.

Designed to be seen and not heard, the Whirlpool T-Box Rangehood reaches a maximum noise level of 65dBa, which is no louder than a normal conversation. Developed to simplify life, families can gather in the kitchen at the end of the day without being interrupted by the sound of the rangehood!

The Whirlpool 6th SENSE Kitchen is available now from The Good Guys nationally.

Whirlpool ACM795BA Induction Cooktop – RRP $1,599

Whirlpool AKZM6600HIX Pyrolytic Oven – RRP $1,499

Whirlpool AKR799IX T-Box Rangehood – RRP $699

If you like us are impressed by The Whirlpool 6th SENSE Kitchen then head in to your local Good Guys to check it out, and take your cooking to the next level with it and impress your friends and family.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme