Starward’s New Double Grain Whiskey “Two Fold” a Game Changer

I had the pleasure recently of attending the launch of innovative Australian whiskey brand Starward’s new double grain whiskey “Two Fold”, with their new distillery in the heart of Melbourne as a back drop for the launch it was a launch fit for a beautiful drop.

To date, few Australian distilleries have been able to capture the imagination of a global audience due to stock constraints. Starward’s ambition is rmly set on creating a new category of whisky – Australian whisky – and making sure that Starward is on every self-respecting bar in the world along-side great Scotch, American, Irish and Japanese whiskies.

“We all have a ‘special occasion’ whisky cabinet which is over- owing with options, but the sharing cabinet is curated. We believe we have an opportunity to elbow out some space and create an alternative to the great whiskies from around the world with an Australian whisky, matured in Australian wine barrels.”

Introducing wheat into the mix has created a lighter style of whisky that enables the wine barrel avour cues to come forward. “These characteristics make Two-Fold a great whisky to craft uncomplicated cocktails for the dinner table. Coming from one of the foodie capitals of the world, we felt it was important to showcase what Melbourne has to offer at the dinner table with a whisky that was made for that occasion as well as the traditional neat serve.”

To celebrate the launch of Two-Fold, Starward is collaborating with the team at Melbourne’s much- loved Cumulus Up to create ‘Two-Fold Thursdays’, a collaboration and pairing of Australian whisky and food. “The idea was born out of our love of food and the approachability of Two-Fold. We felt that Cumulus Up was a perfect partner given its exciting wine list and Starward’s iconic maturation in red wine barrels. Notwithstanding the quality of the experience and avour-forward attitude of Cumulus Up”.

The purity and simplicity of the dishes at Cumulus Up is matched by the commitment to sourcing the nest ingredients in Victoria. Similarly, Starward’s “no airs- and-graces” accessibility of its whisky, is underpinned by meticulous skill in balancing the flavour profile of the award winning, proudly Australian whisky.

Two-Fold Thursday’s will run exclusively at Cumulus Up throughout the month of November, with a perfect pairing of Starward Two-Fold Orchard Spritz cocktail with  Duck,waffle, fois gras & Starboard Two-Fold whisky jelly for $20.

Commenting on the food pairing, Sam Cheetham, Head Chef at Cumulus Up explains, “The fresh aromas in the Orchard Spritz contrast with the toasted oak avours of the whisky, and this blend works really well with the lighter sweeter notes and richness of our duck waf e. With slow-cooked confit duck, foie gras and the piped whisky jam, the waffle is a really full on dish, so the spritz is great to lift the balance. I love the riff off the classic apple and whisky combo in the spritz, it’s a dangerously good pairing.”

My Fave Bit

Apart from the ever so cool distillery I love that Starboard have created a whiskey that allows for anyone to partake and enjoy, Two-Fold is a delightful layered with flavour new world whiskey that strips back the airs and graces to get to core of why one drinks whiskey, Enjoyment!

How Much


Available at Starward Distillery,, David Jones and selected Dan Murphy’s stores.



Words & Images Editor Arrnott Olssen