Specsavers Introduces Digital Precision Technology

I had the opportunity recently to head into Specsavers and check out first hand the revolutionary way prescription eyewear is now selected and fitted, with the introduction of portable Digital Precision Eyecare technology into all Specsavers stores across Australia they’re making things effortless.


The new and innovative portable imaging software, also known as Virtual Dispensing Tool Box – Measurement along with the Frame Reference Device (FReD) enables Specsavers’ optical teams to accurately acquire a series of intricate and exact measurements crucial to ensuring optimal visual comfort, to create glasses tailor-made to each wearer’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Traditionally, the dispensing tools and methods of acquiring measurements for glasses used in optical stores have not always been technologically based. However Digital Precision Eyecare technology, the newest innovation from Specsavers, provides pin point accuracy for spectacle wearers’ prescription needs on a portable tablet device, giving customers consistent access to the bespoke service in store and in a more modern interaction.

The new Digital Precision Eyecare technology is used on the store floor after an eye examination has been given. Measures taken include your mono PD, heights, pantoscopic angle, vertex distance, wrap and up fit.

Digital Precision Eyecare technology at Specsavers

Using imaging software, the optical team will take a photo of the customer wearing their chosen frames. From this, the new Digital Precision Eyecare software will use the image captured to map and plot a range of essential prescription dispensing measurements on the screen. Each image is unique and no two people or frame produce the same dispensing blueprint. Customers needing multifocals can benefit from the devices ability to match lens type to frame which enables these customers to see comfortably at all distances.

Richard Couch, Head of Dispensing Advancement, comments, “Specsavers is excited to offer our customers this new and innovative technology, which enables our optical teams to precisely map every customer’s prescription right then and there on the store floor. Customers love interacting with the device as it allows them to see the amount of specialisation and intelligence that goes into making glasses that are totally bespoke to their needs.”

Richard adds, “The introduction of the Digital Precision Eyecare technology is just another way Specsavers continues to sit at the forefront of eyecare innovation, whilst our staff’s expertise remains an essential part of the service. All team members are trained on how to use this new equipment, ensuring our customers enjoy an in-store experience that will be as bespoke to them as their new frames.”

Digital Precision Eyecare technology is now available at every Specsavers store throughout Australia.

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Fitted out with new reading glasses Thanks to Spec Savers
Fitted out with new reading glasses Thanks to Spec Savers

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme