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If you’re a constant traveller you’ll understand how painful it is to travel with a bottle of cologne, especially if you’re only taking carry on luggage. Solid State have come to the rescue with a brand new product thats just for you.

Solid State For Men have developed a collection of Solid Colognes, each of these fragrances have stories to tell, the most interesting notably is the Voyager. Based off that wierdly addictive smell of cocaine, it has been refined to feel very familiar.
Wayfarer is a beautiful combination of Tobacco, Vanilla and Cacao, it is has a very addictive smell, you can’t get enough of this almost edible Solid Cologne.
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Journeyman is our version of a Sports fragrance, built around the freshness of Vetiver, it is grounded by the earthy notes of cedar.

Why Solid Cologne you ask? Being a wax by its nature allows for higher concentrations of fragrance as opposed to a more traditional spray cologne. Even though these Solid Colognes appear small, the are seemingly never ending – another benefit of being a wax cologne.

Ian Elkins

The product is hand produced in Melbourne, and includes naturally derived ingredients such as, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Beezwax. All fantastically moisturising for skin.

Whether you are in a suit all day and need a freshen up between meetings; or like to have everything you need in your gym bag without the worry of spilling, Solid Cologne is perfect for you.
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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme