Skye Suites Sydney a Stunning Offering

Skye Suites Sydney the most recent in Crown Group’s sensational development across Sydney quietly opened, and I was one of the lucky few that got to experience it first with an over night stay in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The entrance is set into a beautiful brick building on Kent St and feels like a secret entrance, the foyer is  modern yet feels like it pays homage  to the historic buildings that once sat around it.

Its hard not to notice the stunning pool as you make your way to the lifts that take you up to the brand new serviced apartments that perch over the bustling city streets.

Each level has six apartments that open into an internal atrium beautifuly designed to allow natural and air in, and with a remote access closure that can be closed on rainy days.

The apartments are laid out quite simply, bathroom on entrance followed by two bedrooms and then opens up into a living and kitchen area and huge glass doors which open onto a spacious balcony. This ensures the living space is large enough to accomodate a number of friends, with an oven, stove top and large refrigerator and must have coffee machine on the ready.

Fave Bit

I love location and incredible way the architects and developer have paid homage to the buildings of old, and have redeveloped an old Lane way within the precinct and made a new build feel warm and welcoming.

I love the huge entertainers balcony which lends itself to generous gatherings, quietly perched over bustling Sydney CBD streets and the modern and restrained interiors that  offer mattress choices.

Modernity with a dollop of generosity, and served up with great customer service.

How Much 

Deluxe 2 Bedroom Suites from approx $495 Aud

Deluxe Studio Suites approx $300 Aud

Words & Images by Editor Arrnott Olssen