Sensational Substation No.41 Rum

Australia’s newest, premium rum brand, Substation No. 41 Rum is here and has been officially unveiled in the rum capital of Australia – Queensland.


 The new bottling has been commissioned by the world-class team of rum artisans at Substation No. 41 Rum Bar; Australia’s largest rum bar located within the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel.

The passionate team at the bar always dreamed of having their own premium and authentic Australian rum that could sit alongside rums from around the world. The team sought to create a blend that embodies their expertise and passion for the golden spirit, and thus, the bar’s new namesake molasses masterpiece, Substation No. 41 Rum was born.

Rum is undergoing a strong renaissance in Australia as aficionados seek out higher quality, premium blends that are excellent for both sipping and mixing. Substation No. 41 Rum captures this perfectly and is available for purchase from Dan Murphy’s and selected venues on premise.

 Substation No. 41 Rum

Celebrating a long-time passion for rum, iconic Queensland watering hole, The Breakfast Creek Hotel, opened the doors to Substation No. 41 Rum Bar in 2012. The bar boasts over 500 varieties of rum from over 50 countries – one of the largest collections of rum in the world. Drawing on the team’s experience and knowledge, Substation No. 41 is a dark rum created from an authentic blend made with Australia’s finest Queensland sugarcane molasses. The result is a golden rum with an understated, yet rich flavour that further cements Queensland’s position as the home of rum in Australia.

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A passionate team of rum-loving bartenders at Substation No. 41 Rum Bar, including bar-fronting brothers, Stuart and Simon Griffith, pooled their expertise to create the premium taste of Substation No. 41 Rum.

“We wanted to use natural Queensland ingredients to create a high-quality Australian rum with an exceptional taste.  We went back and forth on about eight different blends, providing feedback for development until the blend was perfected and the signature taste of Substation No.41 Rum was created,” says Stuart Griffith, Senior Bar Supervisor and Rum Specialist at Substation No. 41 Rum Bar.

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And, while it took over a year to develop the final product, Stuart says the idea has been a long time in the making.  “In October we’ll be celebrating the third birthday of the Substation No. 41 Rum Bar and it was always our intention to commission our own rum. Rum is our passion and we’re thrilled to see Substation No. 41 Rum finally come to life.”

Substation No. 41 is a versatile rum, excellent for both sipping neat or with mixers and is available for purchase at Dan Murphy’s at a RRP of $43.99. It will also be served in selected venues on premise and at Substation No. 41 Rum Bar.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme