See You at The Sunset Cinema’s

The Sunset Cinema experience provides a quintessentially Aussie take on a night at the pictures. With plenty of tucker to get stuck into, a few drinks to relax and a huge selection of movies to choose from you’d be crazy not to get involved. So whether it’s with some friends or that someone special, make sure you grab a beanbag and enjoy an evening full of fun.

Sunset Cinema North Sydney

It’s about 7 in the evening on a Tuesday night in February and in true Sydney fashion there isn’t a cloud in the sky, a light breeze is blowing and the sun is starting to set. You might be struggling for a date idea or wanting to catch up with some friends, maybe it’s your turn to choose or you just want to impress!

Arrival High res

Typically a trip to the cinemas means you get your tickets, your popcorn, enter the theatre and sit in silence for the next hour or so while you’re watching your movie. That’s not really my scene though; I’d much prefer some social interaction and some time to catch up before the movie starts. Now imagine arriving at North Sydney Oval, an iconic sporting ground in Sydney (which my girlfriend thought was the SCG) and instead of walking straight into a dark theatre you walk straight to the bar to pick up a beer, you grab some tasty meatballs from the Jimmy Liks pop up and you pull up a stump on the grass. Now this may seem a little strange but you’ve actually got some time to sit, chat and catch up as you fill up.


As the sun goes down past the horizon, you get a reminder to go and grab some final drinks, some popcorn or a choctop ice cream for the movie. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the movie of your choice. So jump on to and book some tickets for a cracking night out before winter hits us.

by Nick Malouf
Contributing Editor