ROGUE Dine – A Collab with IKEA

We recently teamed up with IKEA to  host an intimate dinner party for a few of Rogue Homme’s close friends, in the process we were aiming to collate a how to list that would allow anyone to host an epic dinner party at home for your friends and families. With Christmas just around the corner we knew this would be a perfect time to share our recipes and tips, but before we do that here’s a sneak peak of how our dinner went on the night hosted at Zara Tower Sydney.

Thanks to – IKEA Australia –

Zara Tower –

STARWARD Whiskey  & Haymans Gin – &

Lake George Winery –

Chris Mohen for our Video –

Cooper Morris for capturing recipes

Mel Port for your catering advice –

Bula Boy for help Bumping in and Out

& our special guests – Helen Chik, Mel Port, Matt De Groot, Bronte Coy, Paulini, Sally O’Neil, Drew Mitchell, Eddy Tavai, Tierney Kelman & Chris Mohen who made the evening memorable.

Stay tuned we’ll be posting our easy to follow tips for you to throw your own Epic Dinner Party, and recipes to some of our delicious dishes we served up on the night.

Words & Images by Editor Arrnott Olssen