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Sydney’s is constantly growing and Men’s style is evolving and reaching higher standards, so it was a nice surprise to discover this amazing Australian Men’s Designer Roger Tait tucked away on the top floor of Central Park Shopping Centre.


Taking a step back into early 20th Century Modernism, the Futurism movement informed the contemporary interpretations of this season’s new collection.

Tait has brought his extensive tailoring and design experience together to form the beautifully considered pieces- zip-up reversible wool vest, inside-out ankle length jeans. The silhouettes – while bound within the parameters of classic menswear, have been construed with a modern and clean cut approach. The introduction of knitwear pairs with the tailored pieces to produce soft, modern looks.

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Exclusively sourced Japanese cottons, denim fabrics and their clever use speaks with the approach towards design within this collection.
“For trousers we wanted to use the selvage edge as a side stripe detail. As all selvages are different this has given each selvaged style a unique look. We also wanted to use the reverse side of fabrics; in denim for example this brings out the cross dyed effect giving the garments an industrial look.”

Tait creates limited edition, hand crafted pieces, incorporating finesse in the detail.

Together the collection resonates the artisan approach of his craft and experience. These garments are produced exclusively from his studio in Chippendale, Sydney

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Visit Roger Tait Man at –

Shop 301, Level 3, Central, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme