Rip Curl SearchGPS Surf Watch A Game Changer

Leading surf brand Rip Curl has announced it has added a new colour to their Uber cool ‘Rip Curl Search GPS’ watch range, available to surfers worldwide, the SearchGPS watch enables them to record and relive every wave.

Don’t be fooled by its size this light weight fun looking watch packs a lot of punch, and for the avid surfer this watch will be a game changer.


The Search GPS Watch which uses satellite positioning to auto set, which means that with just one touch, time & tide information at over 1300 surf breaks around the world appears instantaneously.

The Rip Curl Search GPS watch also allows surfers to record wave counts, their speed and distance travelled during their surf, with the stats shown in real time on the watch face. When back on the beach, syncing the watch over Bluetooth to an iOS device or via the Desktop app (Mac + PC) will allow surfers to relive their entire surfing session by visualising all the GPS data collected on the watch, and sharing it with friends inside The Rip Curl Search GPS platform.

Rip Curl partnered with VML Australia, to create the multi-platform experience that marks arguably the biggest change to surfing in over 60 years.

“It’s been a brilliant experience to create a product like this with one of the world’s most iconic brands, and with Rip Curl being an Australian company,” said Aden Hepburn, Managing Director & ECD of VML in Sydney.





“The Rip Curl Search platform isn’t just about tracking waves, it’s about empowering surfers to tell their stories in new ways, create new social connections, and to visualise and share the experience that previously has lasted just a moment. It’s going to challenge them, reward them, and change the way they surf forever.”




Rip Curl and VML recently won three Cannes Lions in digital categories at the prestigious World Advertising Awards for the SearchGPS.

3 x ASP World Champion Mick Fanning, US Open champion Tyler Wright and current world number one Gabriel Medina are already wearing the SearchGPS, alongside many other pro surfers. Beyond the pro’s, surfers around the world are swarming to be among the first to start tracking their waves with the SearchGPS, with thousands registering in advance on the Rip Curl website.

The Rip Curl SearchGPS is available to buy from Rip Curl stores/online and selected surf shops.

Key features

  • One touch auto-set, 1360 tide locations.
  • Track every wave with assisted GPS.
  • 10 hours surf time.
  • Upload surfs from your watch using Bluetooth via iPhone App or using desktop app to the cloud via USB.
  • Share your surf with your friends and follow the pro’s.

To download the free Rip Curl Search App for iPhone head to 

For more information on the new Rip Curl SearchGPS watch visit