Here at Rogue Homme we’ve always being partial to the Edgy,Cool ABRAND jeans label, and even more so with the Winter 2015 range and campaign REPENT so we thought we’d be remiss not to share it with our readers.

80242 & 80266
We all have darkness within – running through our veins. It makes us both stronger and more complex. The best sinners are those who repent.
We celebrate that darkness, we are inspired by those who ar truly black – the rebels, the fighters, the poets, the painters who use their darkness to create something great. As an independent brand, Abrand draws inspiration from these people and these values in our denim; traditionally the warp, which is the lengthwise top layer of vertical yarn is dyed indigo whilst the weft, the horizontal yarn is dyed white, Abrand’s ‘REPENT’ range sinfully goes against tradition by dying the weft black, resulting in truer, darker colours.
Because dark is seductive – and we repent so we can do it all again.
About Abrand 
Abrand loves denim culture. Launcned in 2013 by Melbourne based denim house Three by One, Abrand is always looking to the future.
Abrand blends design with impeccable fits and superior quality to create a collection where originality meets timely style. Abrand is a #DENIMRELIGION. The Abrand triangular symbolism represents the three laws of Abrands purpose – Fit, Finish and Fabric. The dedication to the three laws is stitched on the back pocket of their jeans.
70199 & 80234 V2-1

70133 & 80244

So are you going to REPENT? We know we are…

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme