REKORDERLIG |Instagram #celebratethesummer

REKORDERLIG is not known for doing things by halves, and their foray into the INSTAGRAM world is no exception. To celebrate the INSTAGRAM launch Rekorderlig Cider launched the #CELEBRATETHESUMMER Instagram competition, to drive awareness to the recently launched Instagram page.


Fans were asked to capture their perfect summer Rekorderlig moment, inviting them to take a Beautifully Swedish photo on Instagram which most signifies and celebrates Rekorderlig in summertime.

Rekorderlig asked ‘What does a Beautifully Swedish moment mean to you?” with all entrants needing to include the hashtag #CELEBRATETHESUMMER and tag @RekorderligCider_Aus with their image as their entry in to the competition.

Here are some of the winners!

Day 8 @clearly69 Steven Pereira

Day 11 @C_anstey Christian Anstey

Day 13 @brux18 Brooke Antonello

Day 17 @madsta3000 Madeline Hurst

Day 23 @pweavermusic Patrick Weaver

Day 24 @aliclonan Alicia Clonan

Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme