REEBOK creates a Pop Up “DELTA GYM” on Melbourne Rooftop

While most Melbournians were tucked up in the comfort of their beds last night a selection of Reebok athletes were busy putting together a unique training environment on a Footscray building rooftop bringing to life the Reebok ethos of “Be More Human”.

Reebok Delta Gym 4

As the sun was setting and temperatures dropped to 4 degrees CrossFit athletes Rob Forte, Tia-Clair Toomey, Les Mills instructor Nathan Jones and all round fitness superhuman Jenna Douros got to work lifting, assembling, pushing, pulling and constructing the rooftop gym with an amazing demonstration of teamwork to get the job done.

Delta Gym Reebok 2

As the sun rose the Delta Gym was ready to rock with a series of tough workout sessions designed by the very people who created it. Rob and Tia-Clair took the attendees through a CrossFit session, Jenna ran a core-strength session and Nathan Jones ran a Body Attack class.

The lucky attendees who got to work out in the Delta Gym were joined by Rachael Finch who encapsulates the Reebok tough fitness mentality, working hard every day to be the best possible version of herself. Speaking from the event Rachael commented, “It was awesome to be here working out as the sun came up over Melbourne, I know the guys put a lot of effort into creating this amazing space overnight and the sessions they ran pushed me to my limits. I’d never tried a CrossFit class before and getting the chance to experience one here with Rob and Tia-Clair, two of the fittest athletes in Australia was incredible”.

Delta Gym Reebok

Tia-Clair Toomey, twice crowned the 2nd fittest woman on Earth at the Reebok CrossFit Games added, “When people come together and work hard it’s amazing what they can achieve and that was the idea behind creating the Delta Gym here overnight. We wanted to show what people can accomplish with just their bare hands and a positive attitude. Reebok encourages people to push themselves to their limits both physically and mentally, and by doing this they’ll surprise themselves with what’s possible. Tough fitness is a mindset, and with that mindset we can push ourselves further to be the best humans we can be”.

Delta Gym Reebok 3

 At the event both Tia-Clair and Rob got the chance to experience the new Reebok CrossFit Nano Weave shoe which launched today and is an evolution of the Nano 7 that launched in January. The shoe incorporates new, fully engineered upper technology to provide a comfortable and secure fit and enhanced breathability, while continuing to give athletes the performance stability they need.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme