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As the New Year commences many people take the time to reflect on their life. To most, the New Year signifies a clean slate, making a fresh start and changing old habits. However, there is one intention all individuals share when it comes to the New Year: everyone strives to make the New Year better than the previous one.

These resolutions have become an integral part of bringing in the New Year, and are considered tradition for many people, but how long do they last? How can an individual make a New Year’s resolution become a part of everyday life? As self-control and motivation dwindles, it becomes harder to maintain these resolutions and individuals can end up drifting back to old habits.


Alex Prate, founder of Realifex, designed his app to help people maintain their New Years’ resolutions, to kick-start positive changes in their lives and find the path to self-evolution. Realifex is a unique and meaningful app that promotes positive change within an individual, by allowing them to track moments in their daily life. Realifex promotes healthy change and helps individuals to seek what they really thrive in life, through moments recorded in a personal diary on the app.

‘Many people make promises to themselves to make small changes in their life around this time yet rarely stick to them. Realifex helps individuals find changes that have significance to them rather than small, meaningless promises that they know they won’t follow through with. By committing to the Realifex app, individuals are able to see their own patterns and more often than not, those patterns are negatively impacting that person. Realifex aims to change this and show people through their own admissions what they are doing so they are more aware and therefore more determined to make a permanent change,” says Alex.


The apps’ categories help the user to segment and categorise their thoughts, and keep them organised. Having cohesive, recorded thoughts will help users to become their best self for the New Year.

  • Experience – experiencing and recording new fulfilments in the New Year will contribute to an individual having a clear view of themselves.
  • Action – being honest with oneself allows them to become the person they want to be, and helps to reflect their true personality.
  • Emotion – the New Year can be a very emotional time for many, as to some it signifies moving on from something, or leaving something behind.
  • Decision – the user takes the risk to make their own decisions, and they choose the path and direction they want to take. Many people in the New Year attempt to change their direction in life, but do not succeed due to a lack of direction and motivation.
  • Discovery – exploring new territories, and expanding one’s horizons is an important aspect of self-evolution, and a drive to do this often comes with the New Year.

Journaling has actually been documented as successfully dealing with negative emotions and can improve physical and mental health. It has been proven to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, recording significant thoughts and life events will help an individual have a clear view on reality and improve their future, as the human memory can be selective and distort past events.


“With depression occurring in over 1 million Australians a year, it is important to be aware of our own choices and make small steps to change what will ultimately make us happier. Many people are stuck in a rut and are not following their desired life path which can lead to feelings of sadness and depression. Realifex, through its smart formula, aims to change that and change the world one person at a time. We want to create a happier world for everyone to live in and we hope that Realifex can help alter the lives of many in a positive way,” says Alex.

Realifex is currently available from the Apple App store and has a free 10 day trial period. Realifex is available to purchase for $1.50 a month for 12 months.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme