Race Ready with Miles & Rami from Bespoke Corner Tailors

The Bespoke Corner Tailors recently celebrated their One Year Anniversary in Melbourne, having been praised for providing one of the best tailoring services in Australia, Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael are gearing up for the Spring Racing season in which they’re excited to see their custom suits grace the “fashions on the field” and best-dressed lists. We got a chance to chat to Miles Wharton & Rami Mikhael, and get the lowdown on what we might see coming through in Men’s Racing attire.

 1. What men’s fashion trends do you anticipate to see at this year’s Melbourne Cup?
“We expect to see a resurgence of bright colours coming through in Spring Summer fabrics this season. Checks and bolder windowpane fabrics will be carried through, but bold solid colours in tropical red, greens, yellows and lighter blues are the winners. Red, in particular, is being shared in multiple new patterns and solids.”

2. What can men do differently this year to stand out from the crowd at the Melbourne Cup? 
“Try to avoid the sea of the typical navy suit! Embrace colour! Try something new with your everyday wardrobe, and when in doubt, move to the safety of separates by wearing a sports jacket, tie & chinos. A great way to stand out from the crowd.”

3. Since opening The Bespoke Corner, what lessons have you learned in men’s fashion? 
“The Bespoke Corner Tailors has the privilege of moving with the city life we embrace and new lessons are learnt each day with every new client. Being part of their wardrobe requirements, the events and everyday wear our clients project is our testing and learning ground in one. Whilst our Brand is bold and unapologetic, we evolve each day with our clients.”

4. Are there any timeless styles that will always be in fashion for Spring Racing? 
“Three-piece suits are always a popular choice to wear at the Melbourne Cup and we won’t see them disappearing any time soon. It is also practical when hot to allow you to lose the jacket when permitted in the enclosure.”

 5. How did you feel when The Bespoke Corner was praised as providing the best tailoring service in Australia? 
“It is great to be acknowledged for our service as this is one of the main reasons we started The Bespoke Corner. We wanted to create a service like no other and give customers an enjoyable shopping experience. Year after year, we try to introduce improved ways to provide the unexpected and deliver above our customers’ expectations. Our White Label suits that are hand-tailored in Tuscany is one of our services that clients really benefit from.”

6. At The Bespoke Corner you deal in the art of tailored suits; can you really observe the difference between a custom tailored suit and an off-the-rack suit? 
“The qualified answer is that once you have experienced made-to-measure, you certainly can see the difference. Part of any tailoring experience is the education and connection you have to craft and  the fabric. A quick snapshot of this gradually trains your eye to observe the nuances of fabric and cut on other suits in public. Not only from the unique range of cloths you have available in your selection, but also the styling that you can make unique to your body. With over 36 body measurement points involved in creating a made-to-measure suit, you simply cannot account for the same on a standard “off rack built” suit.

7. Are there any classic styles you’re anticipating to make a comeback this year? 
“More women in suits, which finally started to trend last year at the races but I certainly hope we see more this year! As for men: colour, colour and more colour- particularly on the big race days. Three-piece and pleated pants are also trending but they’re not fit for every body type.”

8. If you could come up with one hot tip for Melbourne Cup style, what would it be? 
“Try red, pink and other tropical colours to make a statement! Wear them either as a complete suit or separate highlights with grey and navy left for accessories.”

Words by Arrnott Olssen