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We were chuffed with the reaction to out first Profiled interview so we quickly followed up with another one with the very fit Dayne Hudson, a Journalist, TV Presenter & Fitness Advocate.


Name : Dayne Hudson


Company/website? FIT’N’FLEXED –

Describe what you do? I’m a journalist, TV presenter, who hunts down the truth about nutrition via scientific research! I’m also a filmmaker, having just made a documentary for National Geographic about a man who trained to become a paddle boarder, to paddle 800km to Gold Coast to Sydney to free himself of his child abuse trauma.

Why fitness? It changes your life in every aspect – making you more comfortable, more confident, whilst helping you stay in shape. The people you meet along the way are great too. But most importantly, the health benefits are terrific!

Who or what inspires you? The version of myself I think I can become inspires me! But in terms of physiques, well the best in the world IMO would have to be Ulisses JNR!


Three words that describe you? Well, I think people would mainly say: funny, weird, loving.

What’s your dream project? A feature film I’d like to make one day – a story about 2 brothers. I’d act and direct.

What advice would you give to someone who’s looking to start their fitness & health journey? Don’t fall for the bullshit alarmism (I’ve been attacking the sugar phobes lately!) and don’t go for fad diets. Enjoy moderation in life with training and diet, it’s so important Extremism never ends well.

Name 3 things you can’t live without?

Movies, dreams, family/friends.

A Little Something 

As a Sports Nutrition Specialist I’m writing diet plans for people incorporating their favourite foods….and I love hearing their reaction when they tell me they’re losing weight eating what the “experts” are telling them to give up. It’s a great feeling!


Social Media

Instgram @dayne_hudson


Twitter @fitnflexed

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme