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I Had the pleasure recently of interviewing the brothers behind Primal Sydney on my radio show Trending Eagle []   and was enthralled by what they were bringing to the Fitness Industry. They were kind enough to sit down with me for the first of our Profile On series,  and got me excited about Primal Sydney and what they’re bringing to the Fitness Industry.

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What is the essence and or core of who or what Primal Sydney is?

Our core is movement and the goal is to get people moving, we want to break down the barriers and get people inspired to become active. Everyone’s on a health journey and we want to help people progress and move.

Primal Sydney Brothers

Who is Primal Sydney for?

 Everyone who wants to move, and everyone who’s thought about taking that step further to get healthier and happier. We’re all about being inclusive and not exclusive.

How do you think you fit into the Fitness Industry already jam-packed with options?

We love the fitness movement and how its getting people active, but it also comes with so much information and people have to try to sift through it all and figure out what works for them. So we’re aiming to un-silo movements and not box people into categories e.g weightlifting, yoga etc but make it about movement and utilising all these different disciplines and getting people excited and strong.


Is what you eat just as important as the way you train?

We obviously put a huge push on what we eat because of the way we train, so we’re very conscious of picking organic fresh whole foods. We don’t diet its a lifestyle, we eat whole foods and eat a Paleo inspired menu.

Name something that make you happy?

Ben – Bilton makes me very happy I even make my own that’s how much I love it.

Drew – bullet proof coffee which is a double shot long black with about 50 grams of organic grass-fed butter and a similar amount of coconut oil and blended up. I make my own and I’ve started adding some Himalayan pink rock salt and maple syrup.

We love seeing people getting inspired to begin their health journeys, and seeing other people get healthy and happy.

If someone was looking at calisthenics and training where would you suggest their begin?

Start with the basics get a skipping rope and skip, push ups, sit ups, and go for a jog and just get moving. It’s about a step at a time its a journey, and we’re excited about getting people inspired to move and get active. 

Primal Sydney have some amazing events coming up so stay in the know by following them on Social Media, go to their website and click the social media links


by Arrnott Olssen

Editor Rogue Homme