Président Cheese’s Guide to Beer and Cheese Pairings

As summer season kicks in, it’s time to add a touch of sophistication to your weekend barbeque, and with the help of Président Cheese, France’s number one award winning cheese brand’s fromage expert, Pascal Francisque, we can do just that! Don’t be afraid to experiment with the classic cheeseboard as a way to impress your mates or your leading lady, as you just might be able to hit the target when it comes to pairing cheese with your favourite beers this Summer!

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Pair delicate beers with young, delicate cheeses

The golden rule when pairing any beverage with cheese is to keep the flavours balanced. So, when you’re enjoying a beer with a lighter taste profile, select a cheese that won’t overpower the beer. If you’re a bit unsure, look to your light beers, pilsners or fruit-flavoured ciders with a soft-ripened cheese like Président’s Double Brie or Camembert.

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Pair deeper, malty beers with nutty, aged cheese

Beers with a darker, maltier taste profile offer a great opportunity to be a bit more experimental when it comes to trying more intense and nutty cheese. Try pairing your porters or your stout beers with something that holds a mild, but nutty flavour profile like a Cheddar or the classic Gouda.

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Enjoy hoppy, bitter beers with tart, sharp cheeses

Beers with a very strong ‘hoppy’ or a bittery undertone offer a great match for delicious tart cheese. Pair some pale ales and pilsners with a tasty selection of Manchengo or a delicious Comte.

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Try sweeter wheat beers with nutty or tangy cheeses

Pour yourself some wheat beers or Belgian witbier and pair it with some tangy cheeses such as a delicious Feta or an Emmental Swiss cheese. Consider this, the delicious fruity aromas of the beer provide the perfect counterpart for the salty and nuttiness of the cheese.



Don’t be afraid to add a bit of variety on your cheeseboard when it comes to your sides. Sure, fruits like grapes or dried apricots would go well. But don’t forget to add your pub classics like your pretzels or almonds to the board!

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme