Powerade Settles the Score

I was invited last week to test out The Powerade POWERSCORE, which was developed in conjunction with the NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS),and measures power, endurance, speed, and agility and combined gives competitors their own unique POWERSCORE to measure themselves against the best and the rest.

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

From a maximum POWERSCORE of 1000, athletes will be able to challenge each other on a level playing field and prove who really is the top performer – whether they are from rival football codes or different sporting disciplines, competing teams or even good mates and next door neighbours.  The POWERSCORE levels the playing field to test who really is the best!

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

Following the launch event at North Sydney Oval, the Powerade POWERSCORE team will hit the road, visiting a number of grassroots clubs around the country across all sporting codes to allow their players to take the challenge and settle the score with their rivals.  There will also be major POWERSCORE events in Brisbane and Sydney featuring elite athletes later in the year.

Amateur athletes who are unable to attend one of the events will also be able to take the challenge at home with full details on how to set up the tests available on Powerade.com.au. The Powerade website will also host the all-important leaderboard which will collate all scores from across the country and show who’s on top.

Powerade ambassador Mitchell Johnson set the standard to beat at the launch event with an impressive score of 881. This sets a high watermark for amateur and professional athletes alike to strive for.

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

Rugby League legend Billy Slater, who is recently returned from injury, took part in some of the tests on the day but his POWERSCORE won’t be revealed until later in the season.  Slater and fellow Queensland Origin legend Greg Inglis were both on hand to offer advice to the competitors striving for their highest score on the day.

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

Speaking from the event, Powerade Ambassador Mitchell Johnson said, “There is always a lot of chat between athletes of rival codes about who really is the best performer, the Powerade POWERSCORE is unique as it allows us to take each other on in a controlled environment and prove it.

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

“It will also allow amateur athletes to see how they compare to the professionals which will be really interesting.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the leaderboard after a few months to see who’s up there. Hopefully I can stay on top for a while but would imagine that someone in peak fitness will overtake me, unfortunately I am coming towards the end of my career and am not quite as fit as I was,” he said.

Powerade Powerscore Launch Event

Dr. Kenneth Graham, Principal Scientist, NSWIS said the POWERSCORE gives everyone the chance to pit themselves against elite athletes.

“The POWERADE “Powerscore” is a one-number score derived from the results of four industry-standard, validated tests that measure an athlete’s Acceleration, Speed, Power, Agility and Endurance,” he said.

“This Powerscore measurement enables participants to compare themselves against their mates or elite athletes.”


For more information about the Powerade POWERSCORE and to check out all the scores achieved so far (which will be live on Friday 24th March) visit


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme