Philips HUE 2.0 Lighting For The Future

Thanks to Philips I was lucky enough recently to have the opportunity to have a first glimpse of the HUE 2.0, a new lighting product that allows you to create your own ambience in the home.

We also got to hear some fascinating new research on the impact of lighting on overall wellbeing including the role this plays on our positivity, motivation, social life and love life. Thanks to

  • Joe Snell, interior designer – on transforming three Tamworth homes with lighting and his top tips on creating ambience in the home
Joe Snell, interior designer
Joe Snell, interior designer
  • Belinda Williams, psychologist – on the research and role that lighting plays in our lives
Belinda Williams, psychologist
Belinda Williams, psychologist
  • Philips Lighting Expert – on the innovative technology behind HUE 2.0

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Philips HUE 2.0 is a personal wireless lighting system for the home. With enhanced support for the smart home, the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 seamlessly integrates the existing Philips Hue ecosystem of lights to work with Apple’s HomeKit platform and is prepared for additional integrations in the future. From Siri voice control to integration with numerous connected devices, the new powerful Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 is ready to bring lighting to life in the connected home today, and beyond tomorrow.

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What is HUE 2.0?

Philips HUE 2.0 is a personal wireless lighting system designed to give people the best lighting experience for every space in the home. HUE 2.0 allows people to sync their lights to control all the lights in a singular room and set individual routines. The lighting is so sophisticated people can theme lighting to their favourite song, use lighting to wake them up in the morning, help people concerntrate and help them relax.


  • Existing Philips Hue lights become HomeKit-enabled devices
  • Ready for the future with more memory and power
  • Extended interaction with Siri voice control for iOS 9+ devices through the Philips Hue Companion App version
  • Supports hundreds of third-party HomeKit apps which enable Philips Hue ecosystem to seamlessly interact with other HomeKit-enabled devices
  • Supports Philips Hue ecosystem with more than 450 third-party Hue apps
  • Provides app guided migration from the current bridge to the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0
  • Ready to support multiple smart home platforms in the future
  • New stylish square design

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The new elements of HUE 2.0

Smart home ready

Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 enables existing Philips Hue lights to work within the smart home, and support multiple connected home platforms across both iOS and Android now and into the future. Incorporating Apple HomeKit technology, the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 turns all Philips Hue lights into HomeKit controllable lights, meaning that they seamlessly integrate with other HomeKit-enabled devices such as thermostats, door locks and blinds. With hundreds of third-party HomeKit apps expected, Philips Hue is set to deliver the best lighting experience for every smart home taking connected lighting to the next phase.

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Home safety

HUE 2.0 has been developed to work alongside other home kit devices and systems. For example, if HUE 2.0 is connected to a smoke alarm and there is a fire, the lights will turn to red to help people see through the smoke and make their way to safety. Alternatively a connected burglar alarm will turn all the lights on and make them flash to raise awareness in the home. 

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Geo Fencing

Philips HUE 2.0 uses Geo Fencing to recognise when people are leaving or returing to their homes. Upon return, the lights will be turned on to welcome people home. To ensure peace of mind, lights can also be set to turn on while people are on holiday.

Siri Voice Control

Bringing science fiction a step closer to reality, the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 delivers a new way of interacting with Philips Hue lights – through Siri voice control. Change the lights to an energizing scene to get going for the day ahead by saying “Siri, set my lights to Energize mode” or change the ambience across the entire home by simply saying “Beach mode”. 

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The routines aspect allows people the chance to organise automatic triggers for their lights, such as triggering lights for when people arrive or leave the home but also setting off a wake up light to help people wake up gently.

Future proof

The stylish new square shaped Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 has more processing power and 500 times more internal memory to effectively interact with multiple smart home devices and third-party apps. This means that the new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 will continue to support the Philips Hue ecosystem including more than 450 third-party, brighter A19 bulbs (806 lumens), as well as HomeKit-enabled devices to deliver dynamic new lighting experiences within the smart home.

The Internet of Things has enabled science fiction to meet reality. With lighting playing an important role in the connected home, Philips is taking light beyond illumination by providing seamless interoperability with other connected devices in the home, for exciting new experiences.

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Tested and certified: Philips performs extensive environmental testing to guarantee the quality of its products. All Philips bulbs and lighting products have passed the highest-level safety rating, and are certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (for example, IEC/EN 62471 and IEC60598). 

Technical specification:                                   

Dimensions: 88mm x 88mm x 26mm


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So Light up Your life with Philips HUE 2.0

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme