Performing with PERFORMA Nutrition

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the PERFORMA Nutrition supplements cafe launch on Dank St Waterloo, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was intrigued enough to attend and find out what it was all about.

Performa nutrition is pioneering the use of supplements with whole foods to create a holistic approach to health and dieting, by combining scientifically researched vitamins and supplements with a delicious range of organic, Paleo and whole foods in a whole new approach to health.
Its a great space with a warm inviting feeling, and the products are merchandised brilliantly for ease of access and clutter free shopping. I popped in a couple of days after the launch on the way back home from a run and ordered the PERFORMA nutrition version of a chocolate shake, wow wow wow it was absolutely delicious and even more importantly it was healthy. So if you want to stock up on supplements, grab a healthy bite to eat, up for a healthy juice or smoothie  or even just a coffee then pop in to the PERFORMA Nutrition cafe – Shop 9 Dank Street Plaza in Waterloo Sydney.