Once You Go Mr Black

   We’re huge coffee fans here at Rogue Homme so we were very intrigued to hear about the very cool MR BLACK, this Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur will blow you away and we think it’ll make someone an unforgettable Christmas Gift…

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What started as two-men-in-a-shed in 2013 has grown to be a cracking little spirits company, with products sold in over 400 bars, bottle shops and restaurants throughout Australia. We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just trying to distill different & better booze that makes one of the nicer things in life that little bit nicer.

There’s an Australian craft spirits revolution happening and we want to bring some love to the liqueur aisle. MR BLACK is cold drip liquid proof that we can create world class products for the modern drinker, right here in Australia.

As the product is consumed, a black-on-black print from Sydney artist Dale Bigeni is revealed

The creation of the MR BLACK blend took six months and over 240 iterations to achieve a superbly balanced spirit, true to the character of the ingredients and rigour of the process. MR BLACK is not for everyone – we don’t add buckets of vanilla or caramels – but those who know their booze wouldn’t change a thing.

It’s 25% ABV, because that’s what tastes best & it comes in 700ml bottles because it does. 

Click the “Where to Buy” below for a list of stores.

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Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme