The Omnivore World Tour arrives in Sydney on October 2nd 2014 for 4 unforgettable days of gastronomic experiences, in collaboration with the Good Food Month Festival.

Returning to Australia for the second time, Omnivore World Tour is THE Festival of Young cuisine and celebrates young chefs and culinary innovation.

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With a series of prestigious events such as cooking master classes, dinners and evening events, Omnivore’s goal is to bring international and local chefs together in order to “share their cooking, ask questions about techniques, learn from new cultures, and create motion to better imagine the future of food,” as described by Luc Dubanchet, founder of Omnivore.

Joining an impressive lineup of chef’s are some of our nation’s best, such as Carla Jones of 4Fourteen, Nathan Sasi of Nomad and Josh Niland of Fish Face. Along with international guests such as Morgan Mc Glone, Julien Burlat et Julien Bobichon and Gita Seaton.

Unveiling the chef’s top secrets, ideas and techniques, Masterclasses will be held on October 3rd and 4th.



Amazing dinners will be hosted by local chefs who will invite foreign chefs into their restaurants creating a unique meeting of two cultures for the ultimate dining experience. On October 2nd Julien Burlat et Julian Bobichon will team up with Carla Jones & Paul Farag from the Four in hand and on October 5th Gita Seaton will work alongside Mike Eggert & Jemma Whiteman from Pinbone.

Bringing music and cuisine together for an evening to remember, The Omnivorious Party by Badoit will be held on October 4th during which established chefs prepare small concoctions FOR FOODIES with DJ music.

On October 3rd, a POP UP Dinner will be hosted by Four Hands in an exclusive location with Pierre Sang (Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, Paris, France) and Hamish Ingham.

Ticket prices range from $45 for the Omnivorous Party by Badoit and half day Masterclass, to $80 for a full day Masterclass and $120 to attend the Popup dinner.

Omnivore 2014 will be held at iconic Sydney venue The Maritime Museum. Tickets on sale via Mostix on this September.

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