No Mi-Steak-ing QT Canberra’s a Winner

We recently did a Foodie road-trip to Canberra with and discovered some of Canberra’s best and brightest Food & Drink havens, and we couldn’t miss out on popping in to QT Canberra and checking out their award winning Steak. ( Pun intended in title haha )

The 2017 ACT AHA Awards for Excellence were held on Monday 17th July at QT Canberra, with Nominations spanning more than 35 categories across all aspects of accommodation hotels, licenced venues and outstanding employees QT Canberra was thrilled to receive a few choice awards. General Manager Jason Cooley speaking proudly of the wins said  “These awards are the proud result of the ongoing hard work and dedication of the QT team to make a memorable experience for our guests.”

Mr Cooley continued, “QT Canberra offers guests and locals alike one of the best experiences in Canberra from our hotel to our restaurant and bars – these awards are a testament to that.” This is the second time QT Canberra has been awarded the accolade for Best Superior Hotel, taking home the win for consecutive years.

Capitol Bar and Grill is well-known for its signature steak dishes, from our dry-aged T-bone to our wagyu Tomahawk. Tarn Morrow, QT Canberra’s Director of Food and Beverage said, “The awards for Best Hotel Restaurant and Best Steak cement Capitol Bar and Grill is one of the best in the business.”

The calibre of nominees and award-winners on the night are a testament to the strength of the local industry, continually to grow and attract an increasing number of national and international visitors, cementing the ACT as an appealing dining and travel destination.

So plan your next Canberra visit and make sure you pop in to QT Canberra’s Capitol Bar & Grill, and sink your teeth into their award winning steak.

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme