NIOXIN A Crowning Glory

I had the pleasure recently of being invited to a personal introduction to a new unisex hair product, NIOXIN an advanced hair system to help thicken hair.

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What I was told ahead of time about it was “If you’re not blessed with a gorgeous mane, full of body and bounce, you can now get the look of 11,000 more hair strands*1 in an instant with NIOXIN DiaBoostTM. As the number one recommended brand for combating thinning hair*2, NIOXIN introduces its Hair Thickening Xtrafusion (HTXTM) technology in a new daily leave-in treatment – scientifically designed and tested to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand. New DiaBoostTM is already Nioxin’s number one selling salon product in the US*3 and is the first product using this innovative new technology to deliver results after just one use.”

I’ve been using NIOXIN for about a month now on and off, and it actually does work and you actually feel like you have more hair. Even better for a no fuss person like me, it doesn’t require too much effort just a bit of application and you’re off.

DiaBoostTM is specifically designed to fit easily within the daily shower and hair routine, simply by applying it to towel-dried hair. For best results, massage in to the scalp for one minute, then style hair as normal*5. When used in combination with NIOXIN’s 3-part systems and Scalp Renew range, users can not only expect instantly boosted hair, but also thriving hair that is stronger, thicker and more resilient to breakage.

Don’t just take my word for it though and try it for yourself gentleman, and get that crowning glory of yours shining brightly and only for $59.95 😉


Arrnott Olssen

Rogue Homme