New Year, New You? It’s time to dress like it. InStitchu

The holidays are drawing to a close and for most men, it’s nearly time to pull their suit out of the cupboard again and head back to work. But what of the new year’s resolution? That promise you made to yourself to step out as a new and improved version of the person you were in 2015?

“New Year, new you” is a mantra that can be heard on repeat at the moment; and does anything scream improvement better than new threads? So, if for those planning on introducing a ‘new you’ in the coming weeks, Robin McGowan, co-founder of online bespoke men’s tailor, InStitchu, has shared his insights and trends for suit fashion in the new year.

Tone it down for 2016. 2015 was the year for bright suits, with a lot of guys playing with brighter blues. It’s not the case for 2016.

The bright navy suit is on its way out, with grey’s like Charcoal coming to the market instead.
(Mr Pike Blazer)


Super slim is no longer in. 2015 saw a rise in slim fit suits, but the new year will see a move away from this cut. Longer jackets and pant lengths are more on trend for the coming months.
(Mr Hancock Blazer)


Embrace greener textures. Men are starting to play around with different olive green colours, textures and fabrics this year. Different shades of grey will also be more prominent in the new year.
(Mr Campari)


Lapels are getting wider. Slim fitted suits needed slim lapels, but the shift away from slim means that the lapels on suits will get wider in 2016.
(Mr Marlowe)


2016 is the year to mix and match. Why stick to a suit of just one fabric or colour tone? This year we’re beginning to see men start to experiment more with different fabrics – changing it up by pairing a navy blazer with grey or charcoal pants for a more unique and individual look.
(Mr Hanckock II)


Trend commentary:
Of fashion in 2016, McGowan says that men’s fashion is becoming more experimental.


“We’re seeing men starting to find their own individual style and play around with different fabrics more that they have previously. While the cut of their suit is as important as ever, men are increasingly looking for high-quality fabric and textures, and are choosing to mix different pieces together to create their own look.

“We’re seeing more stripes and patterns and subtle weaves in the suits being designed, with men opting for a slightly looser fit – within reason,” McGowan said.

Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme