NEUW Denim+TW STEEL+ZU=Rogue Winter 1

Getting Winter Ready doesn’t alway’s mean bulking up with Jackets, on beautiful Sunny Day’s keep it sleek and clean with NEUW denim jeans & Long sleeve Tee’s, ZU shoes and accessorise with a bold TW Steel Slim Line watch

Ryan Docking from Debut Management wears …

NEUW Denim, Iggy Skinny Jeans (colour: stone repair), $179.95

NEUW Denim, Ren Long Sleeve Tee (colour: Rinse Indigo), $119.95

ZU MAN, ‘Boulevard’ / Tan, $130

& TW Steel Slim Line Collection – TW1305 Dark Blu/Rose Gold $449

Photography/Styling & Art Direction
 by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme