NEUW Denim present 33 Hours in Stockholm – Rogue Homme Exclusive

NEUW Denim area at it again joining forces with creatives to share inspired work that captures the imagination, The 33 Hours campaign film is the first in their campaign series that explores 33 Hours in different cities around the world.


In conjunction with this campaign, NEUW have partnered with the International Photography Festival that present emerging photographic artists from around the world in various exhibitions and activities.  This year Neuw has collaborated with 3 of the I.P.F artists to capture 33 Hours in their cities through a photographic series which we will then be published as 3 zines and releasing later this year.

The idea of the campaign is to is see through the eyes of the global citizen.
(The 21st Century guy and girl) In a way, “33 Hours in” is the experience of watching someone who is just like us experiencing the things that change / inspire / impact who we are. 
It’s not one single profound moment, it’s the accumulation of a life well travelled, experiences gathered, friends made, art created, streets roamed, music listened to, films watched etc
by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homm