Nanoleaf a New Light has Dawned

When it comes to interiors lighting plays a major part in any design, and its always exciting when new lighting concepts become available to everyone. Cue Nanoleaf which has just entered the AU market, after already taken the international market by storm with their interactive, light panels being showcased in MOMAs worldwide and providing colourful backgrounds to some of the world’s biggest YouTubers and artists.

Nanoleaf Light Panels, are the world’s first modular LED lighting experience that can also bring music to life with their Rhythm module. People can transform a studio, home or office with Nanoleaf panels and actually see their music come to life. They are super easy to use & install and allow for freedom and creativity in any set up. 

It’s an innovative and creative way to add some extra oomph to any space, it’s lighting with a difference and it’ll change any space and inject it with joy.

So take a leap and get designing with Nanoleaf …

by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme