Mr. Fierze Gets us Prepped for Spring & Summer Suiting

With the Spring season in full bloom and Summer just around the corner dressing appropriately for any occasion is always at the back of our minds, so our friends at Mr. Fierze one of Australia’s premier high end suit hire company answered a few burning questions to ensure our suits are on point.

  1. As we approach Spring where most people host weddings and Race Season kicks off how should gent’s begin prepping for this?

Okay so two sets here – weddings & the racing season. Let’s start with weddings! We are quite booked out for wedding hires for the period of Sept – November. We have been seeing these grooms and their groomsmen from February working through their colour schemes, visual ideas and more to get the right suits for their Big Day. With wedding it’s about the big picture of what the theme is as a whole and what the colour schemes are and how the grooms and his groomsmen will work alongside the bride and her bridesmaids. That’s why our initial appointment is always with the groom and his bride first and foremost to get a full idea of the wedding and what they visualize. We get grooms come in and say they want a blue suits for him and his groomsmen when the  bridesmaids are wearing something that completely doesn’t complement the colour. So it’s all about planning the looks as part of a bigger picture. Then leave it to your stylist to tailor it and make that suit complement your form. No one wants to be caught walking down the isle with pants billowing in the wind and hem hanging over shoes and sleeves covering your fingers 😉 

For the races on the other hand, we always make a shift towards linen and lighter coloured fabrics. It’s all about coming out of the warm tones of winter and into brighter, fresher seasons. If you are like us and need to attend the races and Spring events, get into your stylists early and have a chat about what tones and styles to rock this season, That’s the luxury of Mr. Fierze right, you can wear anything because there’s no commitment of purchasing and having to wear it again! 

  1. What colour trends will we see in suiting that gents need to be aware of?

With Spring and Summer you can never go wrong with pastels or vibrant colours. As I mentioned about it’s all about the celebration of coming out of the warmers seasons and tones and into the bright, fresh and vibrant. Actually the funny thing is the hottest colour this Spring season in my opinion seems to be a push towards cream, beige and off-white tones. Paired with a crisp white shit, coloured accents for the pocket square and camel loafers. Hmmmmmm

  1. What are some of your favourite go to brands for suiting and why?

Well personally I love Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Paul Smith, Zegna, and even Dom Baganato. A majority of these brands we actually stock on our racks at Mr. Fierze. However, it’s important to note that when it comes to the creative selection for Mr. Fierze, we looks at a range of brands and their offerings. We only pick pieces that we know will fit well and resonate with our clients. Like our Red Dolce & Gabbana jacket for instance, we selected that as it was different but also has a great double breasted feature and gives you a good fit. But we looked at another D&G jacket in that same collection but it wasn’t a great fit. So it really is not about the brand, I look at the fabric, the fit, the colour, the texture and also whether it is a classic that will not go out of style. 

  1. When looking at accessories to go with suiting for different occasions what should gents be looking for?

Accessories are key to tieing the whole look together and more often than not gents forget this and leave it as an after thought. This is why you need a stylist to help you pull it all together. Again looking at the whole suit as a blank canvas, I visualize the tie, cufflinks, bow tie, pocket square, watch, belt, tie bar, lapel pin, shoe all in my head then I start to put it on a client until they all bounce off each other. The goal is to ensure the colour or texture accents of each item bounces off each other and work harmoniously to pull a whole look together whilst still holding its own identity. If all this sounds like mumbo jumbo, then come see me at Mr. Fierze – I do this for all my clients 😉

  1. What are some new brands Mr.Fierze will be stocking for the upcoming Race season?

We work with a range of Australian designers now, and funnily enough just today I’ve given the go ahead for us to stock some beautiful off-white pieces by Joe Black. We are not going to be introducing massive new brands this Spring because of our wedding side of things taking off, we have had to order extended sizes and double sizing sets of our tuxedos and dinner suits. We now stock sizes right up to a XXXL for dinner suits. 

  1. Any extra comments – I’ve learnt every little details matter when it comes to dressing up men.

You know in the end of it all, a look comes down to the fit and every little detail and accent. Guys come into our showroom just wanting a black suit and not knowing anything else really. I talk them through the fit, the accessories to think about and I end up helping them beyond what we stock on what shoes to purchase and what hairstyle to rock on the day etc. Anyway, here at Mr. Fierze even if you are just looking for a jacket, you receive a full styling service with me, and I am there to help you and advice you on everything to pair that jacket with – it’s a little extra feature I added to help men! 

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Words by Editor Arrnott Olssen