Michelle Bridges Launches 12WBT Blokes Only Fitness Program, with Todd Liubinskas

Michelle Bridges has announced that her 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program will launch a new Blokes Only program, specially tailored for Aussie men and led by experienced strength and conditioning trainer, Todd Liubinskas.

The new program, created by blokes for blokes, is ideal for males who haven’t exercised in a very long time, or ever. The first program will officially kick off on Monday 17th August running alongside the next round of 12WBT.

The winner of the first ever Blokes Only round will be crowned the ‘Blokes Only Champion’, receiving $1,200 in cash.
The 12WBT Blokes Only program has been designed for beginner to intermediate fitness levels with the mission to empower and support Aussie men to optimise their own and each other’s health and wellbeing.
Participants will start slow and smart with mobility and stability exercises, with the workout difficulty progressing each session.

The program is split into three 4-week training phases, which has been proven to be the smartest way to train the male body.
● Week 1-4: Focus on flexibility, mobility and strength.
● Week 5-8: Build strength and enhance cardio fitness.
● Week 9-12: Train to produce power and ferocious fitness.

Michelle Bridges Launches Blokes Only Fitness Program, with Todd Liubinskas

The blokes joining the program won’t be going hungry. A weekly meal plan of simple and delicious recipes has been developed to fuel the male body for optimum nutrition and performance. Combining muscle loving
proteins, smart carbs and healthy fats will ensure our blokes are satisfied, replenished and nourished. And yes, this absolutely still includes all the favourites such as pizza, pasta, and burgers!
Todd Liubinskas is the Australian Men’s Health Magazine Fitness Director and has founded four fitnessfocused businesses throughout his 17-year career as an industry professional. Todd specialises in strength and conditioning training and brings a wealth of knowledge and a holistic approach to health and fitness. He has competed in Functional Training competitions, adventure races, 550km endurance runs from LA to Las
Vegas and more.

“The Blokes Only program was created for the everyday bloke who may not know where to start in their quest for good health. Every detail of this program was designed to ensure sustainability for long-term quality of life.
What I’d love to see is an overall lifestyle shift for participants as they develop a focused mindset whilst still having fun with their training and nutrition. I want these blokes to have the ability to kick the footy with their
kids, go on adventure holidays, and just generally live the active life that we all strive for.” Todd said.

Michelle Bridges recognises the need for change in the men’s health space and welcomes the Blokes Only program with open arms.
“At 12WBT, we’ve had incredible success with men following our program; mostly husbands or partners doing it because their significant other is. However, I felt we could do better for our blokes. The way we deliver this
program, from the look and feel to the training and nutrition, is different to any other 12WBT program and totally unique to anything else that’s out there. Even in 2020 with so much available to us to support better
health, I do believe men’s health tends to take a back seat, so we’ve designed this program to make it really accessible and inclusive,” Michelle said.
“Todd is at the top of his field. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, having worked with many men in the sporting world and also having his own gym, clients, and working hands-on at grass roots for years is what
makes him a great trainer. He’s got excellent knowledge when it comes to training, strength and conditioning, but he also brings with him a real sense of understanding, compassion and humility around men’s needs and

The Blokes Only program is available as a one off 12 week program and also part of the new 12WBT Lifestyle membership which offers yearly subscriptions to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round for long term health and fitness.

Pre-season is open now at www.12wbt.com/blokes-only

Edited by Arrnott Olssen