McCormick Makes some Grill Mates

Last Wednesday evening, McCormick launched  a smokin’ hot range of Burger Seasonings, Dry Marinades and Slow & Low BBQ Rubs with a good old fashioned BBQ masterclass.


Rogue Homme was invited to a ‘hands on meat’ (innuendo intended) BBQ session all about spice, flavour and smoke, chaperoned by the Canadian BBQ maestro, Eric Luhning (just joined Instagram, check him out).

Already a long-time favourite of American barbecue aficionados (McCormick Grill Mates is America’s #1 BBQ Seasonings brand), the McCormick Grill Mates range is finally making its way Down Under, and the night was the launch of a smokin’ hot range of Burger Seasonings, Dry Marinades and Slow & Low BBQ Rubs. The exclusive McCormick line includes a Tennessee Smokehouse and Smokin’ Texas BBQ rub varieties and Chipotle & Roasted Garlic dry marinade for those ready to unleash their smoky side. And burger lovers will be bowled over by the Jalapeño & Cheddar Burger Seasoning.

Before we delve into the wonders of well-spiced, slow cooked meats, lets quickly talk about Eric. Some product promotions can be boring, some stuffy, but thanks to this well-proportioned laconic Canadian, this one was spot on. Eric loves BBQ’s, he was not acting – the man has two tattoos, one on each bicep with the anatomical meat chart of a Pig and a Cow. When one curious blogger asked “what part of the cow the ‘Brisket’ was”, Eric rolls up a sleeve, flex’s and points to it on the bicep tattoo diagram of a cow (as an aside, brisket is the weird chest bit of meat on a cow the looks like a low hanging third chin).



The selection of BBQ’d meat on offer was excellent, all well spiced and slow cooked with a personal favourite of this guest been the succulent ribs, falling of the bone generously covered in some sort of McCormick wonder spic combo. The whole set up made BBQ’ing look easy, although I have no doubt there is more to it than what we may have seen on the night.



The generous servings of food were accompanied by a full suite of delicious (McCormick) BBQ sauces, all paired with some solid beer (mainly Mountain Goat) beverages to wash it down. The evening was a great way to see how a little meat love, combined with some BBQ know-how, can make your BBQ’d meat that much tastier.




Brushing up on the BBQ skills is not a bad way too spend an evening and there is a BBQ school run by Eric on Willoughby Rd that runs these masterclasses. A big thanks to McCormick’s for the event as well as leaving me with the meat sweats and sense of contentment. From my experience anything that gets you a bit sweaty and leaves you satisfied afterwards, is well worth repeating;)!

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by Matt Vickers
 Rogue Homme