Maui Jim Launches Global Campaign

I had the pleasure recently of attending  Maui Jim’s launch of its new Advertising campaign, gathering a collection of some of Sydney’s well healed and overlooking Iconic Bondi Beach it was the perfect day and setting to the campaign.


Maui Jim has chosen Summer 2015/2016 to be the setting of its first consumer advertising campaign in Australia, and the company’s first significant Above The Line (ATL) spend outside of the USA.  The campaign, which is aimed at high-income 25-54 year olds, communicates the functional elegance of Maui Jim premium polarised sunglasses that provide superior colour, clarity and detail to the wearers.

Maui Jim sunglasses are internationally loved and recognised, with global influencers including President Obama, George Clooney, Zac Efron, Reese Witherspoon and Ricky Martin, all being spotted sporting a pair. The impetus to invest in ATL stemmed from the insight that while Maui Jim are one of the largest sunglass brands in Australia (and globally) with strong customer and trade advocacy, awareness of the brand is disproportionally low. 


The multi-million dollar media spend is split across TV (50%) – both spot buy and program sponsorship, OOH (25%), print (10%) and digital/social (15%). The campaign begins October to build momentum ahead of Summer and run throughout the peak season to January. 

Nathan Fisher, Director of Marketing, Maui Jim Sunglasses APAC & Middle East said, “Maui Jim’s position in the marketplace has been built solely on below-the-line and grass roots activity to date. The brand’s continued double-digit growth and unparalleled advocacy and loyalty from both existing consumers and trade partners speaks to the quality and style of our sunglasses, our superior lens technology and our strong customer and after-care service.

“With a solid foundation built, we feel it is the right time to evolve from a push to pull strategy and make a stronger play in Australia via a through-the-line campaign. The ATL creative really speaks to the functional elegance of our products and something that I think will really resonate with Australian audiences. We are first to market globally to showcase the new ATL campaign so I’m excited to see the initial interest and performance.”


He concluded, “We also want to educate consumers about the benefits of polarised sunglasses, our proprietary colour enhancers and crisp optics, as well as the ability to get prescription sunglasses.”  

The creative uses stunning imagery from Maui Jim’s proud birthplace of Hawaii, and is specifically timed to coincide with summer, when consumers’ awareness of the need for leading UV protection is heightened and dovetail with the peak retail period. 


Building on the print message, the TVC sits around the company’s core brand promise, to change the way you see the world. David Stotz, AVP Senior Creative Director said, “This campaign is designed to focus on what Maui Jim sunglasses does best, showing you a bright colourful world through our superior polarised lens technology.  Rather than focus on the person wearing the sunglasses, we are instead focused on what that person is seeing.  The viewer is invited to be taken to that moment, in that place, and with them, share all the colour, clarity and detail.”


by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme