Mango Salute: celebrating the Art in Heart this Valentine’s Day

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‘All You Need Is Love’ – sang The Beatles – but how can you tell someone you love them this Valentine’s Day in your own personal way?


Mango Salute is for the romantics tired of traditional gifts and commercial messages. For the guys who trawl the high street searching for the perfect card but can’t find something that says what they feel. For the women who spend months choosing that amazing personalised gift for their partner, but never get a card to match. Couples living miles, countries, even continents apart and need something more than a webcam conversation to say ‘I love you and miss you’. Or even people who aren’t in a relationship but just want to make someone smile this Valentine’s Day.

Mango Salute is an online community tool that celebrates the art of greeting. In a world dominated by digital communication and fleeting conversations, Mango Salute encourages individuals to press pause, consider the message, and make sure it’s meaningful.


The website is a collective of artists, designers, illustrators and photographers in over 30 countries designing Fine Art Cards across a range of creative genres, each with their own story to tell. For Valentine’s Day, users can choose from romantic designs and abstract paintings to quirky illustrations and bold street art – whatever design resonates with them and the special person in their life. And thanks to Mango Salute’s personalisation options, the cards create an emotional connection between sender and receiver.


With a simple user interface, users customise the card interior with their own images and message or choose a phrase from the site’s extensive message bank. Record a video greeting, pick a significant song from Youtube, or share a meaningful clip, and this will be encoded on the Fine Art Card for the Valentine to scan and view on their Smartphone. The finished Fine Art Card is then printed on luxury sustainable materials and delivered directly to the recipients’ mailbox.

Valentine’s Day cards no longer have to shout the commercial greeting message, discarded after a couple of days. Mango Salute blends the physical greeting with modern technology to create Fine Art Cards that touch the receiver long after the occasion has passed.

Mango Salute cards are all priced $7.50 (including personalisation and digital elements) with free first-class shipping in the UK and internationally.