Mammoth Lakes in Summertime, What Your Insta Dreams Are Made Of!

Escaping the Australian winter for some summer fun in California? After visiting the bright lights of Tinsel Town and all the rooftop pool parties that LA has to offer, head to the ‘hidden gem’ destination of Mammoth Lakes for some serious natural beauty and time to breathe.


Just a one hour flight from Los Angeles, Mammoth Lakes is located in the heart of the breathtaking Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Not many Aussies know it exists, and if they do, it’s thought of as a winter snow vacation (boasting the most snow in North America at the beginning of this year). We’ll all missing a trick; summer is the ideal time to venture into the wild and get back in touch with nature in Mammoth Lakes – from adrenalin-pumping mountain bike rides to hiking to spectacular lakes and waterfalls.

Here are our top tips for summer fun in Mammoth Lakes and awe-inspiring scenery guaranteed to make your Instagram followers jealous…

1)      Swim at Mono Lake – this mesmerising lake might look other-wordly, but it’s only 30 minutes from Mammoth Lakes. It’s three times saltier than the ocean so doing a handstand mid water is harder than it looks!

2)      Go Camping – there are tonnes of scenic spots to camp in Mammoth Lakes; the main options are the Mammoth Lakes Basin or Reds Meadow Valley. Wherever campers choose to rest their heads, when night falls, the stargazing is a bucket-list-worthy.

3)      Catch a Sunrise – the early bird catches the worm, or in this instance a spectacular sunrise at Mammoth Lakes. Seeing the mountains bathed in purples and blues is worth the early alarm clock!

4)      Relax in Natural Hot Springs – soak in nature’s natural spas in Mammoth Lakes, and have fun locating them (which can be a bit of a treasure hunt).

Mammoth Lakes is located on the edge of an ancient volcanic caldera where 760,000 years ago, a massive volcano exploded, leaving behind a relatively flat basin. A wonderful byproduct of this fiery past is the region’s network of natural hot springs.


5)      Go Hiking – The Eastern Sierra is home to hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails. From mountain vistas to alpine lakes, trails lead us to spectacular destinations. Tucked under Mount Ritter, Ediza Lake is a top destination for a long day hike in the Reds Meadow Valley.

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by Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme