LUSH Men’s Grooming Event

I had the pleasure recently of attending a LUSH men’s product event, and was quite surprised at all they had on offer for the Rogue Homme gentleman …


Fave Product Picks

Dirty Springwash shower gel ($26.50 for 500g, $14.95 for 250g, $9.95 for 100g) …

After a dirty night on the tiles, jolt yourself back to reality with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Spring wash is like a dip in a mountain spring, just in time for the weather getting warmer; spearmint and menthol crystals will make your skin feel cool in a hot shower and give it a sweeter scent than peppermint. Your bits will feel fresher in no time.
Mo invented this refreshing and tingly shower gel, adding sodium bicarbonate to soften the water and deodorize the skin, making it absolutely perfect for ‘Dirty’ guys and girls. There’s also glycerine and sea salt in the recipe to soften the skin and hair as you’re washing with it. Vegan.

Dirty Springwash is available in all Lush shops nationwide. For details and mail order enquiries call 1300 587 428 or, order on-line at

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Breath of Fresh Air toner water ($9.95 for 100g, $19.95 for 250g) …

An homage to water, this spritzer helps moisturise, tone and soften the skin. Removes all traces of cleanser and is an excellent all day moisturising toner to help avoid dehydration. It is made with spring water, fresh seawater and aloe gel, the sap from the leaf that is also water. Added carrageenan seaweed softens the skin. Water alone can have the reverse effect and dehydrate the skin. The addition of essential oils of rose absolute, patchouli, rosemary and seaweed help to avoid dehydration and have soothing and toning benefits.

Sea salt is added for its softening properties. Vegan.



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Like I always say don’t just take our word for it, pop in to your nearest LUSH store and have a chat to the knowledgeable staff who can assist you picking out the best products for yourself.


Arrnott Olssen
Editor Rogue Homme